Saturday, 15 October 2011

Last blog before the holiday!!! (plus update)

Yes, we fly on Thursday to New England.  So the priority this week is to shovel out the house and hide the craft stuff away in preparation for the in-laws coming to house-sit with DS while we are away.  I also have to take down the 12-foot quilt frame to free up the living room, so tonight is the last night I will be stitching on that. (sob...)  I really wish I could have it up permanently in a garage or a basement, it is just so much easier to quilt things on it.  It would be great to just finish piecing a top, pin it on the frame and quilt it right away.  Instead of hanging it on the back of a door for months until the yearly assembling of the quilt frame.

This week I have been trying to do as much as I can on my Piece o Cake Vines quilt, which is a single size quilt that I topped several years ago.  Two years ago I used my previous smaller frame to hold it while I basted it with a micro-basting gun, and I did some stitch in the ditch quilting on my manual machine.  This week I have stitched a floral panto in the sashing strips (which was a learning exercise in how to line up a panto with a not-perfectly-straight-nor-parallel quilt element).  I also tried out my new open-toed hover foot from Cotton Patch and stitched a somewhat wobbly line around all the applique, and then did a loopy stipple in the background.  My carriage is jerking slightly when I try to stitch a smooth diagonal.  I suspect the wheels are not entirely aligned with the top carriage track but I don't have time to sort it out.  I decided the wobbles were a design feature.

Commuter knitting this week was the Cookie A Sunshine Socks and I finished them!  I knit these a bit shorter than the pattern and they came out fairly well.  I  knit them as written in terms of size, and they fit fine but could be tighter.  I find it hard to knit negative ease into socks even though intellectually I know it makes for a better fit.  These are in Cherry Tree Hill 100% wool sock yarn.

Having finished the socks, I was a bit stuck for commuter knitting for Friday so dug out my Selbuvotter Wedgewood gloves which had been hibernating due to the pattern being full of mistakes and no full errata available.  Many Ravellers have given up on these and just turned them into fingerless mitts, but I have soldiered on and finished the third finger on Friday, and picked up for the fourth finger today.  I think I will be able to finish the glove.  The challenge will be knitting a second one to match with all the same modifications.  Also they are a bit tight. 

TV knitting has been the Drops Cable Yoke Cardigan, I am now almost halfway on the yoke.  I have also been using TV time to sew down binding and finished the Stars over England quilt complete with label, so it is all ready for its new owner next week.

Daisy asked for a picture of the pink mittens slash arm warmers.  Here is a picture of one (I'm holding the camera with the other hand. )  I've got it pulled right on tightly so there is no floppy bit at the top, but in normal wear there will be some flop.

I wasn't very well for a couple of days this week, and stayed home.  On one of the afternoons I dug out a free kit that came with a dollshouse magazine a few months ago.  There were several options for using it, I decided to make a set of towels to go in the guest bedroom in the first dollshouse I ever built. It was fun to do something creative but not very taxing.

(Update because I forgot to blog what I had done at my monthly sewing group).

I topped the Quilt in a Day Fans & Flutterbys cot quilt at my monthly sewing group today.  It's a bit wrinkled in the picture.  I would have loved to throw it on the frame and quilt it, but sadly it will go back to 'back-of-the-door-limbo' to await the next incarnation of the quilting frame.  It's very sweet and will be a lovely quilt for some little girl.

In the afternoon of the club day, I put together a really cute little kit that I bought from Sally Holman at last year's Alexandra Palace (who surprisingly doesn't seem to have a website but she is a UK quilter, author and teacher).  Last year her booth specialised in landscape quilts made with folded fabric layers, which I really liked, and I bought a kit to make a beach scene greeting card.  It was a great kit, only £3.95 and had everything in it including interfacing, wadding and embroidery cottons.  It was fun to put it together.  I need to find a frame to fit the mount as I want to keep this one.

I also meant to say that I am taking my I-pad on holiday so I may be able to blog a bit while I'm away.  The only thing is that I don't have the gadget that lets you upload a camera card to the Ipad so pictures will be a bit of an issue.  The Ipad does have its own camera but it's not much good, and it's a bit heavy to lug around just to use as a camera.  I will see what happens.  I don't plan to turn this blog into a travelogue, but I may be able to blog some crafty things and purchases along the way.  Stay tuned!

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Daisy said...

I see what you mean about the white/pink in the mittens! Have a great holiday!

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