Monday, 24 October 2011

On the road - Boston to Freeport

Hi there, I'm in Freeport, Maine, and we just had a lovely dinner at our Inn after shopping the 24-hour LL Bean flagship store at 8pm on a Sunday. I took a picture of a couple of cute scrappy quilts with my iPad in there, but Blogger won't let me upload it from the iPad for some reason. They weren't very well made, big toe catcher quilting, but were cute. That was my first ever LL Bean store and I loved several things, including some really cute hooked rugs. In Boston we stumbled across two yarn shops on Newbury Avenue, the long shopping street. One was mainly a needlepoint store but had a small selection of yarn. She's been there 23 years apparently. The other across the road and a bit further down, had just moved into a basement shop and was much bigger but very disorganised. Yarn was arranged by colour so a jumble of different fibres in together, nothing priced, and when I asked how much some wool cotton tweed was, she had no idea. So I didn't buy that! In Rockport on the way up here, on Bearskin Neck shopping colony, we found a bead store and I got some cute glass earrings that look like little pumpkins for Halloween. Commuter knitting has been the Fan Stitch shawl, which is going very well. Mindless enough for travel knitting but interesting enough so it isn't boring. I've also been trying out the Stitchminder app which I really like, simple counter but really useful.


Denise said...

Cant wait to see all the good things you find there! Believe me good local yarn stores are hard to find here in northern Alabama, though we do have one.

Daisy said...

It sounds like you keep falling over craft stores!

Linda W said...

Glad you arrived safely and hope you have lots of fun! The New England area is beautiful.

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