Friday, 28 October 2011

Quilts, yarn, and iPad apps

We've had a great few days, with glorious sunshine today but it is very cold and apparently a risk of snow on the way. I hope not, as we aren't used to driving in it and I doubt the rental cAr has the right tyres on it. I had bought a warm coat at the LL Bean outlet and I've really been wearing it.

Yesterday we went to the Shelburne Museum and had a fabulous day. It was pretty empty as it is the end of their season, so we almost had the place to ourselves. We headed straight to the quilt exhibit to see some of their fabulous collection of quilts, some lovely examples and I took lots of pictures. This is a big outdoor museum bringing together heritage buildings from around Vermont so loads to see. There were more quilts and samplers etc. in many of the furnished homes, and also a collection of dolls and even some dolls houses. There is also an enormous side wheel paddle steamer on dry land, fascinating inside, and all sorts of amazing collections including hundreds of 1/12 scale circus figurines. I even did very wel at the gift shop where they had the cutest embroidered felt Xmas ornaments, very reasonable, and I bought several.

Today we went to the State capitol Montpelier where I struck gold. First of all, it is full of period wooden houses that look just like Greenleaf dolls houses so I took loads of photos. Secondly, I managed to stumble across a wonderful knitting shop The Knitting Studio, even though they had just moved to 112 Main street. What a great shop! Really big, loads of great yarns including from the region, very helpful staff, husband chairs. I found loads of new to me yarns, it was very hard to choose. In the end, I came away with five skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, 45 wool, 35 silk, 20 nylon, in a lovely tweedy purple, enough for a vest. Nine skeins of her Hempathy, 34 hemp, 41 cotton, 25 Modal, which feels like linen on the ball but softens and has drape when washed (they had a sample garment) in a faded denim (I wanted turquoise but they didn't have enough) for a top. Four skeins of Mirasol Tupa which we can get in the UK but this was on sale, 50 wool 50 silk, in pink. Three 100 g skeins of Queensland collection Rustic Tweed which feels gorgeous , 63 wool, 27 alpaca and 10 Donegal, in a tweedy turquoise, and one luxury skein for a shawlette of Juniper Moon Farm Findley, 50 wool 50 silk, in a sort of burgundy purple, so soft and light.

Then we drove up to Johnson where we saw a covered bridge. On the way, we stopped at Baileys Floral in Morrisville, which stocks a limited selection of yarn. They had loads of Peaches and Cream, so I bought one ball to knit a facecloth, and I also fell for a gorgeous skein of Malabrigo Sock for a shawlette, in peacock greens and blues. In Johnson I was looking for a third knit shop but it had closed down.

To find all of these, I am using the internet site Knitmap, which tells you what yarn shops are in your area, incredibly useful when you are travelling. I also have an app by Map Muse to find quilt stores, but it doesn't seem nearly as well populated or accurate. I am using free wifi so today used the Free Wifi app to find a hotspot in Montpelier. And of course I have been looking up opening times, menus, email, skyping with DS in the UK... The iPad had become my essential travel companion.

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Linda W said...

You're taking my dream vacation. I live in the midwest but have always wanted to tour the New England states in the fall. Throw in the yarn shops and it can't be beat. Hope the snow holds off!

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