Thursday, 3 November 2011

Few more yarn stops

After a walk around the historic harbour of Newport, we stopped into Knitting Needles at 555 Thames Street. Small knitting shop, a lot of novelty yarn. The owner said that customers mainly want to knit hats, scarves and socks in this area, to keep warm. Therefore she had very few lace yarns.

We stopped at Tivertom, RI where the local knitting shop had just gone out of business, but the friendly hand weaver (who had a fabulous studio, I'm very jealous) sent us to Sisters of the Wool which had just opened in Westport at 770 can't remember the street name. This was a bigger shop but they seemed a bit disorganised because of just opening. I picked up two skeins of Plymouth Happy Feet in both red and dark Wedgwood blue, and when I asked if they had any white, the woman started showing me DK baby yarn in acrylic mixes which was a bit weird. I really wanted Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn but haven't seen any this trip, not even in Vermont. The Happy Feet seems similar. I wanted it for Selbuvotter mittens and other fair isle.

Now we are in Cape Cod, our last stop on the holiday. We fly home on Saturday (sob) and let's hope all the yarn and fabric makes it through customs ok...

Stumbled across the Yarn Basket in Eastham, on Hwy 6 west side. Varied selection, some nice alpaca yarns, lots of sock yarn, some cashmere, Auracania, Plymouth, and several brands new to me. I bought four skeins of Dye for Me (2 sock, 2 alpaca lace) to go with the yarn dyeing book I bought in Montpelier, will have to get the dyes in the UK.

I am just possibly starting to feel yarned out...

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