Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Nose against the glass but no yarn for me

Bit frustrating on the yarn shopping front the last few days, thanks to the snow. Colourful Stitches in Lenox looked like a fabulous store and should have opened Sunday afternoon, but never did. Other stores were open and the roads were fairly clear, but I guess the owner decided it wasn't worth it. We tried three times, and I took a pic of the yarn bombing out front. We did find Pumpkin Patch quilts open in nearby Lee, and I stocked up on thread and a bit more fabric. this was a fairly basic shop, not too large.

Today we drove south, and stopped at Creative Fibres in Windsor, which also looked very good. Also closed due to widespread power outage in the area after the snowstorm. On to Mystic, with a quick stop at a Michaels craft store on the way (got some sponge brushes,only 39 cents over here, and some Zap a Gap glue). In Mystic, the yarn shop is closed on Mondays and also looked good ( whimper...). i did however pick up a beautiful stained glass panel by a local craftswoman at an artisan store, I think it was called Company of Craftsmen, on the main shopping street, had some lovely things.

Now we are in Newport and there is a dollshouse store just down the road from our hotel!

1 comment:

Sue said...

It's just too bad the weather had to turn on your visit! You've found some places I've never heard of. Isn't Webs the best! Love that place.

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