Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sock yarn score

After touring two of the Newport mansions, which make English stately homes look like victims of an austerity drive, we stopped into Miniature Occasions and Dolls at 57 Bellevue Avenue. Interesting to look around but more dolls and collectables than minis. Very few houses, some Bespaq, very few Artisan made minis. A selection of DIY materials and lights. Friendly owners. Didn't buy anything.

In the afternoon we drove up to Providence to buy tickets for the Jack o Lantern Spectacular at the zoo (which really was spectacular, 5000 carved pumpkins around a lake) and I innocently suggested we stop into Fresh Purls knitting shop at 769a Hope Street. I soon regretted it as we got caught in the Escher-like tangles of the city's motorways. DH had about three nervous breakdowns before we finally made it. Small shop but interesting selection of yarns, I had a good fondle and came away with a sky blue handpainted semisolid sock yarn, cant remember the label and it's in the car.

Tomorrow we will try to find the Newport knitting shop and enjoy more of the city's fabulous houses.

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