Friday, 4 November 2011

Yarn shop burnout

I think I have finally burnt out on yarn shops, much to DH's amusement. We were driving along the Cape on 6A when DH spotted Ladybug Knitting, which turned out to be quite a big shop. A few friendly ladies were knitting and the older lady begged my British husband to say anything so she could enjoy his accent. So she started quizzquizzing on what he had for breakfast etc while I chuckled my way down the aisles. I found two great kits, one for a Tilly Thomas bag with a fabric top and yarn to knit the sides. The other for the cutest multi coloured baby hat.

but after that I was really feeling like I was done, and worried that our bags are getting too full. So when DH spotted yet another yarn shop, only about 15 minutes down the 6A, I just covered my eyes and shouted "drive, drive!" so I wouldn't be tempted. They must do a lot of knitting on this island, to have three big shops only 20 minutes or so apart.

Besides, the Ladybug ladies had told me about a quilt shop in Barnstaple where the 6 A meets the 132, Tumbleweed Quilts. This turned out to be a huge and fabulous shop, perhaps as big as Keepsake quilts in terms of bolts, not sure. Big sections of kids prints, Kaffe Fasset, 30s, landscape, batiks, solids, sale fabrics, books, bag corner, patterns, notions, loads of other stuff, great shop and highly recommended. I bought a few yards of fabric, some Pellon 72F interfacing, some 36in zippers, some webbing for bag handles, some bag hardware, a storage box for thread, AACew rulers on 50%off, and some other stuff I can't remember.

When we got back to the hotel, I weighed all the bags and the good news is that Inam still in my weight limit!! I could buy more!! (DH now groaning loudly)

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