Saturday, 17 December 2011

I'm too old for this

It's Saturday morning, and I have survived my week of Christmas dissipation, just.  I have never been a big socialiser, but I can remember at university going to bed after having drunk a fair bit, then bounding out the next morning to tackle another day.  Bounding has not been on the agenda this week, and this morning I feel more like something was bounding all over me in the night while I was sleeping.

So not much crafting this week, and not much of anything else either which means I only started serious Christmas decorating last night.  Tuesday night we attended the excellent carol service that DS's school runs every year at their local church (DS being a teenager opted not to come this year).  Wednesday night I was invited to a black tie event at the medieval Guildhall in London, very glamorous but why are dressing-up clothes so dam uncomfortable?  Didn't get to bed until midnight then the next day was our office team Christmas lunch - until 4pm when I left and staggered back to the office to collect my things so that I could move on to the I-Knit London Christmas party.  By the time I had walked over to I-Knit, I had more or less sobered up to enjoy a pleasant couple of hours of knitting, chatting, loads of food, and the Secret Santa. 

In fact I did extremely well on Secret Santa this year.  This is the practice of drawing someone else's name from the group, and anonymously giving them a present.  Typically it results in neutral gifts like wine or chocolates, and even at a knitting party a few years ago I got a big box of smellies that weren't to my taste.  But this year my office Secret Santa gave me Cath Kidston stationery after intelligently checking with a colleague as to what I liked, and my I-Knit Secret Santa gave me a splendid and thoughtfully chosen gift all wrapped up in a cute storage box. 

Look at this: gorgeous sock yarn which apparently was a limited edition for Knit Nation from The Knitting Goddess, a beautiful stitch gauge pendant, Knitters, hand lotion, and a package of Eucalan woollens wash.  I love it!  What a great gift.

And to add to the yarny goodness, my neighbour received two skeins of Drops Delight sock yarn in a colourway that I absolutely loved.  She was pleased with her present but didn't think she would use it, so was quite happy for money to exchange hands and the yarn came home with me.  Thanks Santa!

For my Secret Santa gift at I-Knit, I had finally finished the Felted Messenger Bag that I knit in the summer.  I stitched in a stiff bottom liner covered in a knitting-themed fabric, added a magnetic closure, and as an extra treat put in some of the knitting gifts that come on various magazines and wrapped the whole thing up in more knitting-related fabric.  I thought that a beginner or intermediate knitter might be quite pleased with the handmade bag as a project bag, and find the gadgets and fabric useful.  Well, out of 35 knitters at the party, my gift was allocated to one of the most advanced knitters in the room, someone who does test knitting for designers.  Talk about coals to Newcastle, but Greensideknits was very gracious about it and I hope she is able to make good use of it.

I wasn't as late getting home from I-Knit, home by about 9:15pm, so I was able to put some more stitches into this Christmas cross-stitch which is meant to be a card for my m-i-l.  I finally finished it last night but I don't know if it will get there or not in time now.  Perhaps I could send it special delivery...

I went a little off piste with the chart.  Not being able to count accurately is a bit of a handicap for knitting but kind of a deal breaker for counted cross stitch.  My theory always is that the recipient is not going to have the chart to compare to, so will take it at face value.

Then finally my liver and I attended the office building christmas party, which this year had a 1920s theme so I had to take a flapper-esque costume and lots of bead necklaces to work.  Pretty good spread of food, useful networking, and three more glasses of wine and I could totter home early.  Went straight to bed to try to catch up on sleep, only to be woken up twice by phone calls after just 20 minutes, groan.

So last night and today I am trying to put some order into the trail of debris left from too many late nights, clothes everywhere, desk covered in unopened cards and paperwork, yarn to catalogue on Ravelry, Christmas decs to put up, bills to pay etc. etc.  I need a secretary.  Or a Christmas elf.

Look what I found in with the Christmas decorations - remember this?

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Daisy said...

i think I lost the ability to stay up late then get up the next morning when I was about 24! Although at least my work xmas parties don't involve dressing up!

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