Saturday, 10 December 2011

Slowly gearing up for Christmas

It's finally turned colder in the London area so it is easier to feel a bit more like Christmas.  By 'cold' I mean about 7 degrees Celsius in the daytime, which is just cold enough to enjoy cosying up in my woollens.   Balmy days compared to when I used to live in Ottawa in Canada, when it went down to minus 40 and your skin would literally burn from the wind chill. So I feel very fortunate to be living in a milder climate even though lots of my colleagues are bemoaning how cold it is.

Well done to the people who contacted me to say they do read the words on my blog and don't just look at my pictures  :)  It made me smile, and reduced the temptation to slip in that I have been abducted by aliens who wanted me to knit a slipcover for their spaceship, but returned me to earth when they found out how much the yarn would cost.  Or something like that.

There are some office and knitting christmas parties to look forward to this week, and we went and got our tree today.  It's not as tall as the last few years, prices seem to have gone up, so I may have to edit out some of my copious collection of ornaments.

But we had a jolly evening at the pub with my local knitting group on Tuesday night.  Far too much food so my supper consisted largely of pastries and cookies, and for Secret Santa I received this great cowl and some beautiful stitch markers.  I wore the cowl today when we looking Christmas trees and it's really warm.  Thanks MizMiffy!

Now that it's gotten colder, I thought it might be good to have an ear flap hat like the younger kids are wearing.  So I downloaded Thorpe from Ravelry and knit it up in some Knitpicks Sierra (50 wool/50 alpaca).  After I took this picture, I added a pompom. I've now worn it a few times and I think it is too big, I don't like how far it is coming down the back of my neck.  I'm also a bit worried that it looks like a big baby bonnet, although DH was very diplomatic when I asked for his opinion.  I think I might take off the brim and try knitting the lower part again.  I knit it fairly tightly to keep the wind out and it was pretty warm when I wore it outside.

I finished sewing the first blocks for the McCall's Quilting Mystery Quilt and I've sewn the rows for the Turning Twenty Around the Block Flamingo Quilt but haven't sewn all the rows together yet.  I'm not sure what I am going to use for the border as I don't have enough flamingo fabric left.

Last Sunday I had some free time and decided to try out this online tutorial for making dollshouse books, on A Lavender Dilly blog which I think I found a while ago when I was looking for printables for my Fairfield house.  I resized the book covers to be about 1 inch high for the 1/12th scale, and 1/2 inch high for 1/24th scale, and printed out a few sets, then glued them onto appropriately sized wood sticks.  I'm pleased with how they've come out, and will distribute them into various of my dollshouses.

It will be time to get out my miniature Christmas vignettes soon and put them on display.  I've also got my Gingerbread Houses christmas quilt hanging in the stairwell, my Christmas Star quilt on my bed, and yesterday I sorted out  my Christmas quilted wallhangings from the quilt cupboard, ready to put them on display.

Do you remember this ruffled scarf in Katia Ondas yarn? I said I would never make another because I really didn't enjoy how fiddly this 'yarn' is to knit with, having to unwind the lattice before every stitch.  Yet somehow I have agreed to knit one for a work colleague who admired it (she's paid for the yarn and given me a couple of pounds towards knitting it) and may even have to knit one for our other colleague.  Bleah.  Stupid stupid stupid.  DH is kindly helping by pre-stretching the lattice out before I knit it but it's still rubbish to knit with.

Here's hoping that you are looking forward to the festive season and if you are celebrating Christmas, I hope you have a very happy Christmas with lots of crafty presents.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may recall that I am in the habit of buying my own Christmas presents (so that I get decent ones and not more Body  Shop smellies).  This year, Santa is bringing me a Greenleaf McKinley dollshouse in 1/12th scale, and a Diana dollshouse in 1/24th scale!  They had a 25% off sale and I couldn't resist.  The big question will be whether Customs decide to take an interest in what will be a relatively big and heavy parcel.  The 25% saving may have to pay the duty in that case.  Hopefully not.  Merry Christmas!!

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Sue Schoch said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I am binding a quilt as a gift to my daughter and I have another quilt for my son. I've given up making knitted items as they're not well received, I think. At least I never see them again. hahaha! As for your knitted hat, I had a laugh because I originally thought that was your finger in the hat! Thought it was a baby hat or for a doll. Then you said it was too big for you. haha! Have a nice holiday and I'm glad you're getting exactly what you want!

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