Saturday, 28 January 2012

Gadget girl

My new iphone arrived yesterday so I spent most of the evening setting it up to mirror what I have on my ipad, including the knitting apps that I have been using.  Hard to believe the two gadgets cost about the same, when one is so small and is going to be riding around in my knapsack every day.  Hard to believe I have spent so much on gadgets. I can remember being incredibly excited to receive my first electronic pocket calculator when I was around 13 years old.  They were fairly new then and only did basic functions, but for someone who had always struggled with arithmetic it was like a clunky boxy miracle from heaven. Now I can download a calculator app to install onto my pocketsized super computer communications device. Who knows what our children will be using once they are our age.

I managed to finish the Sirdar Baby Cardigan on Wednesday night.  For good measure, I knit up a pair of booties from the March issue of Simply Knitting magazine because the pattern called for the same Sirdar Crofter yarn.  I knit the first size of bootie but they came out fairly large.  The cardigan came out fairly well apart from the band and buttonholes are a bit sloppy, but the mother-to-be was very pleased with them both and actually appreciates getting something handmade which is nice. I had to block out the scallops with a bit of steam, as a wet block wasn't sufficient to stop them from curling.

Thursday I had to go to a seminar for work in the morning, so I was knitting on my Harry Potter vanilla sock there and back.  I was tempted to get the sock out during the seminar, but there were only about 20 of us in the relatively small room and my degree of boredom was not sufficient to warrant the social suicide.  I've also done a bit of knitting on Day 3 of the Advent Calendar 2010 lace scarf - I'm just about to the end of the first chart repeat (there are 3 repeats in all).

Most of the TV time this week was devoted to the baby cardigan, but I also managed to sew down the binding on the second side of my Vintage Log Cabin quilt.

The penultimate instalment of the I-knit London Sock Club turned up, a lovely teal colourway (darker than it looks in the photo) of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select which is a yarn I like anyway.  For some reason it is hard to find in the UK, and wasn't available in any of the New England yarn shops I visited. I've knitted mittens, socks and gloves out of this yarn and it stands up very well with virtually no pilling.

I've enjoyed getting surprise yarn gifts in the post but I think overall my first essay into the world of yarn clubs has not been a huge success.  You are gambling that you might like the yarn and the patterns.  I've liked about half the yarn, and none of the patterns have shrieked 'knit me'.  I think what might work better for me would be to just treat myself to a special skein of yarn every two months (online, or going to a shop) and perhaps look on Ravelry for a pattern to go with that yarn.  Of course, then I am losing the surprise element.  This could be a gap in the market - a company that you can give all your parcels to and they mail them back to you at specified intervals in random order. Perhaps I could put all of the skeins in a big grab bag and reach in blind to pull one out every two months.  Perhaps I am over thinking this  :)


Daisy said...

I like the idea of treating yourself to a skein of yarn every other month or so. Maybe coincide it with a trip to a new yarn shop so you don't know what you might find?

Michelle said...

That's such a sweet little sweater -- love the color and the lace!

Marthaamay O_o said...

Great idea, at the start of your own club, choose double the amount of patterns and yarn that you will pick from and then draw the names from a hat, that means even in your final picks you still won't know what you are going to get! And THEN, as a treat for completing them all, you can freely choose whatever it was that you have been wanting to have come from pot luck!

C&D's Maman said...

Beautiful little sweeter. I wish I was fast enough at knitting to be able to make something like that on time for my daughter before she outgrows it. Good job, it is lovely!

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