Monday, 16 January 2012

Oops, forgot to blog

I managed to log on both Saturday and Sunday intending to do my weekly blog post, and both times got completely sidetracked.  You know how it is:  "I'll just check my email" and before you know it, you've lost three hours.

I was out for most of the day on Saturday at my sewing club.  We are still doing the UFO Challenge for a few more months, so I was plugging away on my Kaffe Fassett Snowball Quilt in blue & white fabric prints with a variety of yellow cornerstones.  Sewing each snowball is fairly tedious as all the cornerstones are different colours of yellow, so I have to make sure that the four coloured corners of one block are going to meet up correctly with the row above and the row below.  It's gotten a bit easier since I remembered I have one of those stick-on plastic Angler guides, removing the need to draw a diagonal line or iron a diagonal crease.  So I was proud of myself for soldiering on, and managed to get through quite a lot - only a row and a half left to sew now.  And no, I didn't remember to take any photos.

Sunday we had someone come to look at our trailer tent and it looks like they are going to buy it, so that's good news.  And today I got some more good news - I made my first Folksy sale!!  Someone has bought a patchwork knapsack that I made a while ago.  There have been a couple of enquiries about the quilts but no sale so far.  I don't know how many people look at Folksy, I should perhaps try to get listed on some other craft selling sites.  Although it took ages to put together my listings for Folksy, but I suppose it would then be quicker on other sites now that I've done the groundwork.

Commuter knitting this week has largely consisted of carrying my knitting to and from work without actually doing anything on it, but I have got as far as turning the heel (again). This is a blurry picture but gives you an idea of the colours.This colourway is 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' so I have amused myself by trying to guess what the colours symbolise - perhaps the red is the blood of Hagrid's griffin pet?  Either that or they had already come up with this colourway and just jumped on the bandwagon by giving it a Harry-related name.

I also finished the binding on my Hawaiaan Potpourri Quilt and got it listed online for sale. The colours and patterns on this really make me smile, but it is a bit special so needs the right kind of person to love it. I like the parrots peeping out of the jungle border too.

I managed with some stumbling to get Day 2 of the Advent Calendar Scarf completed.  There is a yarnover right before the nupps and I had about a 98% 'success' rate of purling the YO into the nupp on the return row before I caved and started making the nupps with a crochet hook.

This week I finally got around to wearing my Drop Stitch Shawl to the office, where, absolutely typically, nobody said anything - except a lady who sits near me (she admired it). I ordered the shawl pin from etsy, it's sterling silver. The shawl is soft and warming without being too hot.  I didn't want to risk wearing it under my coat in case it pilled, so I put it on when I got to the office.

Another job I completed this weekend was to finally finish taking and uploading photographs of our house contents.  Being burgled last year really brought home to me the importance of having photographic evidence of what you own, both to see what is missing and to prove to the insurance company that you owned it.  I gradually worked my way around the entire house, attic, garden and shed, and have uploaded several hundred photos by emailing them to  myself in Googlemail.  Hopefully they will never be needed, but it gives me some peace of mind.  I didn't turn out every single drawer or storage bin, but I did make sure to get photos of the high value items and general photos of everything else.  A fairly tedious job.  I still haven't made the similar photographic record of all my dollshouses and their contents that the insurance adjuster recommended - I might save that for the next time I have loads of time at home due to illness or unemployment (or a lottery win!!).


Marthaamay O_o said...

Welcome to mid week blogging! haaha

Good idea about the photo archiving. A few friends have just recently been burgled too, one on Christmas Eve and another last week.
The last week friend had a converstaion with their insurer that went a little like this..
"so you've had your laptop and PS3 stolen?"
"that's right."
"have you got the laptop to hand so you can tell me the serial number?"

A frustrating conversation I'm sure, perhaps they were trying to catch them out? They also asked for photos, which I don't think they really had, so were looking for can did photos of the items in the background.
What I'm saying is, good idea, I shall do this myself!

Your shawl is really beautiful. *Will* it pile easily if you wear it under your coat? The pin is nice too, good match!

swooze said...

Yeah you dont know this but I had a house fire on NY day. I wish I had pics. Luckily it is just my kitchen and laundry room but everything that was on or above my washer and dryer are gone and I doubt I will remember it all. Will just have to realize that I am missing it in the alloted time.

swooze said...

Oh by the way. I love your shawl and pin as well. Gorgeous!

Bertie said...

Love the blanket!!! I am the person you where referring to!! I would sit on it in an equally patten-fantastic dress. with loud nails and louder hair! I would love to bye it but I am a poor. I shall admire from afar. <3

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