Sunday, 22 January 2012

Quick week

This week seems to have flown by, partly because I had to use chunks of time on unexpected projects.  We are quite busy at work re-tendering our membership magazine, which I have gotten fairly involved with so had to put in some overtime.  And at home our fridge started making a very alarming noise, a steady throbbing rattle which would shudder and die when you opened the door.

After a bit of googling, I came across some forum posts on what sounded like the same problem, including instructions on how to take the fridge apart from the inside to get at the iced-up fan causing the problem.  Don't you  love the internet?  So that's how I spent a couple of hours one night:  emptying out the fridge, taking it apart, DH giving it all a good clean while we were at it, and putting it back together.  The reward?  No more noise!!  Here is some of the ice I found inside, and there was more ice caked around the fan which was what was causing the noise.  I feel rather proud of myself for fixing this - hope it doesn't ice up again though - there may be something more permanently wrong as it shouldn't have gone like that in the first place.

Another time sucker was discovering that NetFlix had launched in the UK and had a free one-month trial.  I was relatively excited as I've often heard American podcasters mentioning the Netflix service for watching online film and tv programmes.  On the face of it, it sounds great, unlimited watching for £5.99 a month.  However, the free trial was sorely disappointing, their extremely limited selection of programmes is abysmal.  I was hoping for lots of American programmes but they had virtually none, just a few dozen dated films and a couple of UK tv series that I didn't want to watch.  So we gave up on that and tried the Lovefilm one month trial instead.  It has a wider selection but still not great - we found one film that we wanted to watch out of all the ones available.  So we will probably cancel that as well and go back to renting DVDs by post which is what we've done for a few years now.  Don't know why the UK should be so behind the US on this type of service, but probably because you can watch a lot of recent programming for free using the Catch up services from the networks.

However, I did start a new project this week which has been my tv knitting and my commuter knitting: a Baby Cardigan by Sirdar which was published in the recent issue of Knitting Magazine.  I thought it looked really cute and luckily there is a pregnant colleague at work that I can make it for, so I ordered the yarn from Get Knitted in Bristol.  I ordered the colourway specified in the pattern but it looks a bit duller in shade, perhaps they PhotoShopped the photo to brighten it.  I'm knitting the 0-6 months size but am a bit worried as it looks small to me.  But with my teenage son towering over me by three inches now, perhaps I've forgotten how small a baby can be.  The colleague is leaving soon on maternity leave so I've asked if I can post it to her. 

The cardigan is knit with Sirdar Snuggly Crofter Baby Fair Isle effect DK, which is 55% nylon / 45% acrylic.  This yarn feels velvety soft knit up, but I am finding it a bit difficult to knit with.  It seems to have permanent static cling, and instead of draping away from the needles, the free yarn end wants to cling to my hands, my clothing, the pattern, the knitting bag... I seem to be constantly having to stop to free the yarn so that it isn't putting too much tension on my stitches.  It's happening in several different environments (office, train, home) which makes me think it is the yarn and not just the weather for example.

I also finished sewing the last row and a half of the Kaffe Fassett Snowball Quilt.  Now all the rows are sewn, it will go quicker as I just need to press all the rows and sew them together.  It was very fiddly to make sure each snowball had the correct colours on its four corners, plus thanks to Kaffe telling us to cut the wrong size cornerstones on the workshop, I had run out of some fabrics and had to pull different stash fabric to substitute, and then I ran out of some of that so had to unpick some of the previous substitutes and substitute different substitutes.  One of those projects where the fun part was the designing but the sewing part leaves a bit to be desired in the fun department.

The last big time sucker this week was that I bought an Iphone.  It won't be delivered until the end of the month but it took a while to compare all the deals, contract possibilities, decide whether I wanted the new one or an older one etc.  Here in the UK, the newer ones aren't that much more expensive that the old ones, unless you get a really really old one with limited memory.  So I've gone from being an 'I-don't-want-one' to being an 'I-convert'.  Once I became so dependent on the Ipad 2, the I-phone was the next logical step particularly as my old Nokia smartphone is acting up and was never really that great in the first place.  I am looking forward to having my knitting patterns and knitting apps on my phone as well as on my Ipad, and to be able to look at Twitter and the internet at something quicker than the speed of a creeping glacier which was the best my Nokia could do.

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Tamra said...

How funny - my word verification is exercise. I certainly need to work that into my day. I'm always on the lookout for good books, so am eager to hear your review of the Kate Daniels series. Snowball quilt looks beautiful; you've done some amazing piecing.

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