Saturday, 18 February 2012


I am slightly envious of those people who adjust effortlessly to change, who shrug off last-minute alterations to long-laid plans, who book their holiday abroad the weekend before, who embrace risk.  I'm not one of those people. I can adjust to change eventually, but it takes me a while and in the meantime I experience higher levels of anxiety and stress.

My interim manager, whom I have worked with happily for the last 10 months, has left the building and it feels like a gaping void at the desk next to mine.  Quite apart from being a nice colleague, she was the buffer zone between my role and the unpredictability of senior management, who have shown an alarming tendency in the past to swoop down the floor and demand incomprehensible things at short notice.  There are no plans to fill her role as the original incumbent is still on indefinite assignment to a different team, and they are supposed to be hiring another manager who will take over some of the role but not the part that manages me.  I don't know how this is going to work and I feel exposed. 

Meanwhile, back in my real life, I've been doing some dollshousing and lots of knitting.  No sewing apart from patching up a 10 inch rip in my son's trousers, but I am planning to tackle a couple of vinyl dustcovers for two of my dollshouses.

I decided the Fan Stitch Half Circle Shawl had gotten big enough, so I stopped knitting at row 140. I am now doing a knitted on 12 stitch edging, which is the Willow Border from the Myrtle Leaf Shawl in 'Victorian Lace Today'.  It's quite an easy border and yet I managed to muck up the first six inches. When I was joining it to the live stitches of the shawl, I somehow twisted the stitch funny, so had to rip back and start again.  [Ipad user note:  I used the Ipad camera to photograph the Willow Border chart, used the PDF PROvider app to convert the image to a PDF, and now I am using the highlight function in Goodreader to keep track of where I am, so I don't need the pattern book.]

I revisited a few older projects this week, knitting a few rows on the second Debbie Bliss wristwarmer on the train one day, and finishing the index finger and starting the thumb on the 'make it up as you go because there is no errata for the pattern' Annemor #12 Selbuvotter glove.  I just hope I can remember all the adjustments I have made to create some fingers for this glove, otherwise it is never going to have a mate.

My main TV knitting this week was to pick up stitches along both sides of the machine knitted strip for the body of my Drops Cabled Yoke sleeveless cardigan, knit the top and bottom borders and seam the body to the yoke.  I had to use a family member as a mannequin to get the body to fit the yoke properly, but I've been forbidden from saying which one as they are embarrassed about it.

It's looking pretty good, now I 'just' have to knit front bands that hang properly and include non-saggy buttonholes.  I've made the length longer than the original midriff-exposing sample - nobody wants to see my midriff...

I will conclude with some eye-candy specially added for my friend Swooze, who likes this quilt.  I happened to have it on display in my staircase, so I took some extra photos of it.  This is called 'The Neighbourhood' and is one I put together at least 10 years ago using blocks from an online themed swap.  I was trying to arrange the blocks on a design wall, and by a trick of the eye realised that I had perspective due to the differing size of the houses.  I unpicked the houses from their backgrounds and blended them all together into a picture quilt using extra bits of 'bush', 'sky', 'trees' etc. to fill in the gaps.  I like this one.  The house at the bottom left corner is my original block, all the others were made by the participants.

P.S. Speaking of change, the previously freezing weather leaped up to 15 degrees Celsius yesterday, which was too warm even for me to wear woolly hats or gloves.  Bizarre weather.


Marthaamay O_o said...

How on earth do you come up with a quilt design as detailed as that? It's amazing, you really have a great eye and talent.
I have been meaning to thank you for the blog recommendation thing, it's a fun one, and I love your facts, I shall complete it soon.

Is your family member your husband?! I can only think that a man might be embarrassed to wear a yoke sweater, however I don't know why, because it's such a lovely pattern.

Daisy said...

Ugh, that doesn't sound good at work. Hope the situation improves.

Love the quilt!

quiltmom said...

Love, love, love the quilt! Swooze had the link posted in an email in Stashbuster. Worth the time to take a peek! Very creative.

Lynn S. said...

Swooze sent me here to look at your house quilt. It is as awesome as she said it was!

Anonymous said...

Great Quilt. You picked some great fabric to frame your landscape as well. I am glad I checked this out.

Anonymous said...

Love your house quilt
Swooze sent me to look

Nann said...

Another response to Swooze's recommendation....your village quilt reminds me of the opening scenes of each episode of Doc Martin (flyover of a village in Cornwall).

swooze said...

Thanks for talking more about your quilt. I brought friends :D

bunbear said...

swooze sent the link for this house wall hanging and i have to tell you it is just beautiful! love it!

Anonymous said...

swooze posted link on stashbusters, and was she very right you have talent very lovely indeed

Colleen said...

Love your house quilt. Swooze sent me!

doni said...

Sooze posted your blog in a LARGE quilting group - now you're in trouble! We're all going to love this quilt. Great job!! That it started as an exchange quilt - wow - that's amazing!

doni @ Oregon coast

Cheri, the Quilting Nanny said...

OMG... I would LOVE that pattern! That is amazing!

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