Saturday, 4 February 2012


I have been fairly distracted this week as I discovered the 'Urban Fantasy' group on Ravelry, and within that discovered a link to a free novella by Ilona Andrews from the 'Kate Daniels' series of urban fantasy novels.  I liked that so much that I ordered all five books and have been working my way through them this week, one book a day.  They are not great literature but quite enjoyable, reminding me a bit of the Patricia Briggs novels.

So all the time in the evening and on the train that I would normally be doing crafts, I had my nose buried in a book this week.

I have sewn together several rows of my Kaffe Fassett Snowball Quilt. It's going together fairly well although there are a lot of seams to match which can be a bit tedious. (the red and white is from another quilt underneath).

I had a business trip on Thursday, with a two hour train ride each way, so as well as reading my books I did manage to finish the first Harry Potter vanilla sock.  I am proud of myself that I re-started this sock and have managed to produce a sock with negative ease instead of the baggy socks I normally turn out. I've started the second one and have managed to get the colour striping to match as well (I think). I still need to graft the toe closed on the first one.

Work is becoming increasingly busy, and on a very frustrating day I took a 30 minutes time out and did some furtive yarn shopping in a minimised browser, investigating some of the vouchers that came with Knitter magazine.  I found some balls of discontinued Debbie Bliss Fez on Wool and Buttons, which I bought to see if I can make a cowl - I knit a Christmas stocking out of this camel hair yarn a few years ago and liked it, it goes almost felted when it is knit up.  I also found this gorgeous sock yarn on Addicted 2 Knitting from Nurturing Fibres, in colour Peacock.  I got two skeins and plan a shawlette or lace scarf to wear to work.

I did manage to finish Day 3 of the Advent Calendar 2010 Lace Scarf knit-along, hampered by having to rip back around six rows after forgetting to slip the first stitch of each row for a while.

The March/April issue of McCall's Quilting has turned up so I now have the instructions for the next step of the Mystery Quilt that I started last month - so I might work on that tomorrow.

UK readers may be interested to hear that I found a pop-up storage box at PoundStretcher today for £2.99.  It is fairly sturdy, has a 'board' bottom, and makes a great sock yarn storage hamper which fits into one of the shelves that I've taken over in our media cupboard.  It holds quite a lot as it is relatively tall.


Sue said...

Congrats on the sock. It looks great. Negative ease is a good thing! Love the new sock yarn too. And the quilts of course!

Daisy said...

I put you down for the Kreativ Blogger award - see my blog, but don't feel like you have to do it! I just wanted to link to my favourite blogs.

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