Saturday, 25 February 2012

Summer in February

Bizarro weather in the UK leaped to 15 degrees on Thursday (which the papers were calling 'T-shirt Thursday'), and I actually got a sunburn on my face from sitting outside a pub at Friday lunchtime.  Sunburn.  In February. It continues to be gloriously sunny today, which made being cooped up inside the church hall for our Saturday Sewing Club somewhat less attractive than usual.  I will be out and about tomorrow though, as we are off to Unravel, the fibre festival in Farnham.  And if I make it back in time, I will also drop into my local knitting group to show off what I've bought.

Last weekend I sewed some vinyl dustcovers for a couple of my dollshouses, and some doll clothes for another one.  Today I was making some oven gloves, using some Insulbright thermal batting that I bought at Keepsake Quilting when we were in New England.  The packaging suggests that you can just cut out the oven gloves using one layer of Insulbright, a top fabric and a lining fabric.  I made up a few sandwiches like that and quilted them diagonallly.  Then it occurred to me to test them by holding my hand to the hot iron.  Disappointingly it was only a few seconds before my hand became painfully hot.  But with two layers of Insulbright, I could hold my hand right on the iron and not feel anything.

So I made the oven gloves with two layers of Insulbright.  That made them really stiff, which made them a bit hard to turn through to the right side, and has also made them come out smaller than my old oven gloves.  But they still fit me, and my DH can get his hand inside although it is a bit tight.  They look a lot better than my old tatty gloves and the Insulbright only cost $8 so it wasn't an expensive pair of gloves.

The other thing I made today was this easy fabric storage box, working from this tutorial. I only had really thick interfacing, Peltex 72F, so I couldn't turn over the top lip but had to let the lining come over to show on the outside.  I think it looks nice though, and I am keeping my receipts in it now, instead of in their previous home in ancient tupperware.

Knitting this week has been mostly trying to knit the front bands on my Cabled Yoke Sleeveless Pullover. The button band was relatively easy.  But I had to make two attempts at the buttonhole band.  The first time, even though I had picked up the same number of stitches in each section as for the button band, the yoke came out scrunched up.  I ripped out and cast on again, and the second time it is pretty good and generally matches the other side (I am standing crooked in the photo, they do match).  I used a one-row buttonhole, although I don't know if there would have been a better choice for a garter stitch band.  I've got some lovely glazed china buttons which I will sew on and then it will be done!  Woo hoo!

Just what you want to wear when it's sunny and 15 degrees outside.  Not.

Commuter knitting has been decreasing for the toe of the second Harry Potter vanilla sock.  TV knitting once the the Cabled Yoke bands were done was Day 4 of the Advent Calendar 2010 lace scarf.  I got in a hopeless mess and had to rip back and start again.  With care and attention I have now completed the first chart repeat and am started on the second and final repeat.  So I am keeping up with our two patterns a month and will be ready to start Day 5 in March.  Touch wood.

I will finish with some eye candy.  This is a lampshade that I bought after seeing it on special offer in a newspaper, from the Lighting Company.  I've installed it in my upper hallway where it catches the sun in the daytime and glows at night.  Hard to take a photo of though.  I love the glowing colours.


Denise said...

Love that light! Your sweater looks lovely.

swooze said...

You have been very prolific. Everything looks great. Your lampshade is cool looking.

Daisy said...

The sleeveless pullover is looking great. And I enjoyed seeing your Unravel purchases on Sunday! ;-)

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