Thursday, 1 March 2012

Catch-up post - shopping!

Trying to clear off my desk so am blogging my purchases from Unravel at Farnham last weekend so I can put them away.

I went on Sunday and was back in time to show off my purchases to my local knitting group at our Sunday afternoon meeting.  Sunday was the second day, and I kept hearing traders talking about how busy it had been on Saturday.  It wasn't too bad on Sunday, enough people to feel sociable but not so crowded that you couldn't easily look around.

I like this fair, it's not too large and yet there are lots of traders that I don't usually see at bigger fairs like the Alexandra Palace show.  There was yarn graffiti on the approach pathways, and a sheep and three lambs outside in the parking lot. The building itself is really interesting, a former warehouse and oast house I think, with some of the market stalls set up in what were the former drying kilns.  There was a big exhibit and demonstration area by the Hampshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers, and the Surrey Knitting & Crochet Group.  The Machine Knitters Guild had a stall and I stopped by to say 'hi'.

The 'Best in Show' exhibit of entries was small but well formed, with several attractive and interesting entries, including this great knitted flower basket by Rebecca S. complete with patchwork hanging basket.

There were other exhibits and activities going on, including talks and workshops.  I had a good wander around but was mainly there to shop!  I am sticking to my post-Ravelry-stash-upload-eyeopener and not buying any more sweater's worths of yarn, but I was looking out for pretty yarns suitable for shawls.

At Sparkleduck I found two skeins of 'Genie', 60% superwash bluefaced leicester, 20% silk and 20% nylon, in luscious shades of blue and mauve.

And at Knitting4Fun I found another skein of Filigran Lace No 1, which is the same yarn I am knitting my Half Circle Fan Stitch Shawl out of and really liking.  This one is a semi-solid in gorgeous blue shades, 100% merino superwash.

On the same stand I found this Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash, 75% wool / 25% polyamid nylon which I also really liked.

I picked up more gorgeous buttons from Injabulo.  These are fairly large and I was wondering if I could turn them into brooches. I love their buttons, and the ones I am using on my Cabled Yoke Sleeveless Pullover came from them as well, purchased at the now-infamous Knit Camp.

On the way out, I shopped the charming Maltings gift shop, which stocks a mixture of crafted articles and vintage finds.  I picked up this lovely little embroidered linen, I loved the house and it could be a feature patch on a bag or quilt.


swooze said...

I have been inventorying all my quilt and crochet/knit supplies for insurance. Quit eye opening!

AML said...

I was not able to continue my hobbies after I worked as a general manager and ceo of my own company. Now I came across to other blogs and read some post while relaxing a while.. you just have reminded me...

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