Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pigs in Space

Anyone who is old enough to remember watching The Muppet Show will remember the voiceover announcement for the 'Pigs in Space' segment, or maybe it was the ending, intoning "tune in next week for the continuing stooooooorrrrrryyyyy of.... "

It's a bit like that at work now.  Not only has my manager left, but the director of the department (the one who had the heart attack last year and was off for six months) abruptly left on Friday.  He'd been behaving oddly ever since he came back, and in retrospect I think he must have wanted to leave for some time but was negotiating his package with HR.  We were only told on Wednesday.  So we are completely rudderless now, at a time when there is a major reorganisation going on and some pretty big announcements expected in April including redundancies.  Fun fun.  I'm not worried about redundancies in my department but who knows what else is coming at us.  Am keeping my head down and getting on with things.  Luckily I am relatively autonomous.

Other than that, it's been a good week.  I sewed the Injabulo ceramic buttons on my Cabled Yoke Sleeveless Cardigan and wore it to work.  It was incredibly warm due to being in pure wool New Lanark DK yarn, and so glowingly blue that I felt happy every time I saw my reflection.  But did one person say anything??  No.  not even when I wore it to a meeting.  I am baffled - is it so expertly crafted that no-one thinks to ask if it's handmade, but not attractive enough for anyone to say 'you look nice'?  Are they thinking I am big-headed, 'showing off' my knitting again so they aren't saying anything?  Do I look so odd that they are all embarrassed for me and not wanting to draw attention to my humiliation by saying anything?  Enquiring minds want to know.  I was pleased with it anyway.  It's hanging really nicely and fits well, and the buttons weren't gaping.

Anyway, I cheered up Friday morning when I checked my personal email and discovered that I had sold one of my quilts on Folksy!  My first quilt sale.  It was one of the cheaper ones, but still a decent price by UK-non-handcraft-loving standards.  It was a sampler quilt, one of my early efforts but still quite attractive.  I'm very pleased, and packaged it up to post off to its new owner today.  I wonder if it is a Mother's Day gift as UK Mothering Sunday is coming soon?

I also finished my Harry Potter vanilla socks and grafted the toes closed.  They fit well and have come out as almost a matching pair, so I feel pleased with myself that I got the colour sequence right with this self-striping yarn.

Commuter knitting has now switched to the second Debbie Bliss wristwarmer and I also worked on it when I went to a Fair Trade coffee morning that Daisydaisydaisy told our knitting group about (there was cake!).

I finally finished Day 4 of the Advent Calendar 2010 Lace Scarf and motored right on to complete Day 5 fairly quickly.  I am enjoying this knit - I like the Huntingdon yarn from Valley Yarns and the lace charts are fairly short so I don't lose the will to live.

And look what I found in the charity shop on the way back from posting my quilt at the post office - an XL pure new wool fully fashioned sweater in a gorgeous blue yarn.  So I could unravel and recycle the yarn, or I could felt it.  Will put it by and see what I feel like. When I've looked in the past, all the sweaters were acrylic and cut & sew, so this was a lucky find.

Tomorrow I will be going to the Kempton Park Dollshouse & Miniatures Fair, which is my local fair, should be fun.


swooze said...

I love all your knit wear and would most assuredly gush ton you about it. You just need to get some lackeys that want to suck up to you for the job! Lol

Daisy said...

What seems bizarre is that I'll often say that I like what someone is wearing - whether handmade or not, and when something is handmade it's SO easy to comment on! Maybe they were so absorbed in all the excitements of people going at your place they didn't look at what you were wearing?!

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