Saturday, 31 March 2012

Why aren't I retired?

I was only in the office (which is currently a crazy place full of rumours as we all await the big organisational axe to fall next week) on Monday and Friday this week, making for a much more relaxed life with lots more hobbies.  This only leads me to wonder why I am not retired so that I can enjoy this desirable lifestyle full time.  Unfortunately, barring a lottery win or a steep nosedive in my standard of living, I am probably looking at another 20 years the way the government keeps moving the goalposts.  I am feeling quite fed up with all the office politics, and the comfortable routine is feeling more like a tedious drudge at the moment.

But in my real life, it's been a pleasant week.  I've only had one comment (thanks Daisy!) on my last two posts, so perhaps you don't like reading travelogues and will be happier to look at eye candy?

I added the border to my Easy Lone Star quilt centre.  I ended up leaving the border quite wide, so it is currently about a double size.  I rather like the butterflies flying round in the border so I think I will leave it that size.  I love how pink it is, it really glows.

Just in time for my Saturday sewing group today, the May/June issue of McCalls Quilting magazine turned up with the third and final part of the McCall's Mystery Quilt.  So I was able to work on that today.  I was pleasantly surprised with the final design, I can see it working with several focus fabrics in my stash.  The fabrics I chose for my mystery are, as usual with mysteries, perhaps not the idea ones I would choose now that I can see the end result, but it still looks fine. I am finding it quite difficult to match the seam junctions for the 'star' surrounding the focus fabric, it's taking 4 or 5 attempts in some cases because it is a diagonal line.

I was in Cath Kidston and found some very cute items for my sewing basket:  a vintage looking Thatched Cottage needlebook, a little tin book for holding pins, and some cute buttons that I may be able to use on some knitwear.

I did some dollshousing, some of which I will post on my other blogs.  But I did finally get around to sticking in the miniature faux books I made several weeks ago, into the Egyptian Museum in the top floor of my Vic-war-gency House, as well as the china plaque that I bought in Holland last weekend.

I also screwed together the Georgian Room Box that I made on the Mulvany & Rogers workshop, after putting another coat of varnish on the fireplace.  Here I have put in the furniture I bought at the Arnhem show, which is more Arts & Crafts than Georgian, but I rather like it in the room. Now i need to finish the outside of the box with the scrapbooking paper that I also bought in Arnhem.

On the knitting front, I knit the top fair isle band on the second Debbie Bliss wristwarmer, then pulled it out because the stranding was too tight.  Will have to try again.  I am working on Day 8 I think of the Advent Calendar Lace Scarf, when I finish the current chart I will pin it out and take a photo.

I am continuing to knit on the Twice Doomed T-shirt, whose garter stitch edging insists on flipping up.  I have to go to lunch with relatives tomorrow so will be taking this with me to keep my hands and mind busy.

I don't think I blogged that I finally started my first square of the Great American Aran Afghan, or GAAA as it is known on Ravelry, a few weeks ago.  I bought the pattern and the wool/acrylic blend yarn for this over a year ago, but didn't really know where to start.  I've got more confidence on cables now after completing the Cable Yoked pullover so picked one of the easiest squares to start with. I've actually done more knitting on this but had to pull back as the second repeat was looking like an attentuated version of the first.  After cudgelling my brains for some time, it finally dawned on me that I was reading the chart wrong.  The Advent Calendar Lace Scarf charts only show the right side rows.  The GAAA chart shows right AND wrong side rows but I was knitting them as if they were all right side rows, thus effectively doubling my row count.  Whether I will ever finish enough square for an actual blanket, I don't know, but I'm enjoying the texture on this one.  Perhaps I can have a Great American Aran Cushion instead.


swooze said...

I'm here! Just not commenting. Everything looks lovely. I have been posting lots on my blog. Do stop by.

Teresa said...

I ask myself the same question at least once a week. But I have three years left to go, maybe. I turn 62 in May and then its a toss up as to whether I make it to 64.

Love your projects. I think part of the reason comments are declining are these horribly hard to read words you have to type in. Its a guessing game for me most of the time and usually takes me at least two or three times to post a comment. (on my third attemp at posting this comment)

ShinyNewThing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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