Saturday, 21 April 2012

And now it's kind of funny

Things have settled down into a new groove at work.  I know that I will likely be leaving in the next few months so things that were previously quite aggravating have now become somewhat amusing.  Our Acting departmental leader decided that Junior Manager should take over all of my Acting Up responsibilities.  Now, I've been extremely busy over the last year, doing my own job and Acting Up to about 80% of my previous boss' job.  I've now handed over about 40% to Junior Manager, including the fairly demanding responsibilities of managing our member magazine. Which leaves me feeling a bit like I am on school holiday in comparison, it's nice at the moment but potentially could get boring.

I have been very thorough in my handover, and indeed had an enjoyable morning emailing lots of people to tell them that she was now in charge and was now their contact, making sure that our switchboard know to put all magazine calls through to her now, and passing over various ongoing tasks to her.  I've also been sure to check with her about much of what I previously just got on with - she is my acting manager after all and being paid to carry a level of responsibility that I apparently am no longer qualified to hold.  I feel slightly guilty that she is now looking rather harried and is even sending emails at 7pm, but according to our Acting leader's dismissively curt note to me, she is well qualified for a job he obviously considers not very difficult (because he has no idea of the volume of work because he previously never took any interest). Good for them.

Meanwhile I've met with Previous (Stressful) Boss who thinks that my position will transfer to the new department to report to her again sometime in June or July.  I have to give one month's notice, so will try to time it to be one month ahead of the transfer.  Although where I work I will not be surprised to be told on Friday to pack my crates for a weekend move.  I now have more leisure time than previously which I am using to clean out my desk, and to tidy up my PC files etc. in preparation for leaving.  Once I get that done, I will start working on updating my CV.  Fun fun fun.  My aspiration is to either find something new with a shorter commute (currently I am commuting 3 hours + every day) or preferably part-time, so that I have a better work-life balance.  I'm starting to feel very tired of working five days a week plus a three hour daily commute, it just seems that by this stage of my life I should have more time for real life and less time having to pretend to be supportive of Junior Managers who were still in diapers/nappies when I was graduating university.

In the real world, today was my quilting club day, and I was working on my second version of the McCall's Mystery Quilt using an old Cranford Village fabric that I bought probably 10 years ago.  I have all the rows completed, and am just starting to join them together.  I fussy-cut the 6" squares to showcase quilts and houses from a companion printed fabric.

Commuter knitting this week has been a Multnomah Shawl, which I started Sunday night after seeing Slimknit wearing one at knitting group that day. This is a pretty quick knit  as to begin with it is all garter stitch, and I was able to knit all the way through the film 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' when we went to see that on Monday night.  I've now just reached the lace border which is a feather and fan style.  I'm knitting this in the Trekking sock yarn I bought at Olympia.  It's very pretty but I don't know if it is going to be soft enough to wear near my neck, so it might be a gift for someone who isn't as sensitive about things near their face.

I've knit about six inches on my Eyelet Lace Jumper since moving the chart to the Ipad, and am moving steadily towards the shoulders on the back piece.  I'm really pleased, because that's six inches more knitting than I've managed in the past year.  You can see the colour change effect better now, which is achieved by knitting a stripe pattern with two strands of mercerised cotton and swapping colours one strand at a time.

I've started cutting out pieces to make a lampshade from a book I bought a year or so ago.  I want to make a shade similar to the one on the cover, so I've cut 15 degree wedges from a variety of 30s repro prints.

My Haapsalu Scarf book turned up on Friday, which is better service than some UK bookstores that I've ordered from, so I feel I did very well getting it from Bookshop Krisostomus for 30 euros. The book looks just as beautiful as the first Haapsalu Shawls book, so I am looking forward to reading through it.

Our suicidal appliances are largely out of rehab.  The fridge is now repaired (£222) although the guy said it's reaching the end of its lifespan so next time it goes, we should really be looking for a new one.  The dishwasher was repaired (£150) but not actually fixed so they came out again on Friday but couldn't find anything to explain why it still wasn't working properly.  We are going to give the dishwasher another chance tomorrow and may have to get the engineer a third time if it doesn't work.  I managed to fix the oven myself by ordering and installing a new element, so I am feeling proud of myself. They say things come in three's so hopefully the rest of the appliances will keep going for a while longer.

The weather has turned unseasonably chilly so I've been wearing my Debbie Bliss wristwarmers every day, they are perfect for the changeable weather which has given us everything from hail through torrential rains to thunder and lightning storms this past week.  In between spells of bright hot sunshine.  Ridiculous. Hope your weather has been calmer where you are!


Marthaamay O_o said...

I love that you refer to the craft world as the real world. :) It sure is!

Daisy said...

I now have this image of the manager frantically checking emails all night to try and keep on top of it all!

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