Saturday, 28 April 2012

Knitting related injury

I am now past my first 24 hours of cold-turkey knitting withdrawal, having developed an inflamed something-or-other in my right hand which is causing pains up my arm starting from my thumb and travelling up towards my elbow.  I didn't realise how much I depended on knitting to get me through life until suddenly I can't do it, nor anything else that involves pinching/grasping precise movements like sewing or even using a mouse or using scissors.  Watching tv last night just seemed to drag, I was actually fidgeting, I couldn't stand just sitting there.  In the end I dragged out my stack of loose knitting patterns ripped out of magazines, and started separating them into yarn weights for filing.  Today we drove 40 minutes to see some bluebells and it felt like an hour without knitting to pass the time - luckily I had a quilting magazine to read but what a waste of good knitting time.

It seems very unfair, I listen to lots of podcasts where people boast of knitting for hours, and I know Knit24seven in my knitting group knits most of every day.  Admittedly I have been knitting a lot the past week, and on Thursday probably notched up about four hours of knitting.  Friday I was happily knitting on my Moltnomah Shawl at lunchtime when I realised that my hand was starting to ache.  I finished the row, but by mid-afternoon of using the mouse at work, my whole arm was starting to ache, and by the time I got home it felt like a heated cord stretched from my thumb over the back of my hand to my elbow.  I've been taking Ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and trying not to use the hand too much, hopefully it will clear up with rest and NEVER RETURN. Grrrrr.

By Thursday I had finished the back of my multicoloured Eyelet Lace jumper and made a start on the front.

On the Moltnomah Shawl, I am halfway through the lace border.  I've also done another inch or so on my Twice Doomed Tee and knit a little bit on my Japanese stitch pattern sock.

This week I sewed together the fabric wedges for my Patchwork lampshade, making six panels to use for the six sides of the shade.  Today, since I can't knit, I applied the sticky-back plastic and cut out the six lampshade panels and started gluing them to the metal shade. I've never done this before, but hopefully it will work and not just pop off the first time the bulb warms up the glue...

I ordered a new quilting gadget and it arrived in the post this week from Keepsake Quilting in America.  I occasionally use the 'leg' that clamps to the walking foot, to stitch parallel straight lines on a quilt.  But very annoyingly, these 'legs' usually only are available to the right side of the foot, which can cause problems with the bulk of the quilt ending up being crammed into the throat of the machine.  So when I spotted a clamp on 'leg' that could attach on either side of the walking foot, in the Keepsake catalogue, I thought it was worth getting.  I haven't ordered from Keepsake for over 10 years, as they used to insist on sending things to the UK by courier which always got stopped by Customs who slapped on up to 25% of extra charges.  So it was a risk but I was pleased to have the packet turn up by normal mail within a few weeks of ordering.  Perhaps they have a new shipping policy.  They also had some placemat panels on sale very reasonably so I added those to the parcel as well, there are four placemats and a matching backing fabric. It's also kind of neat ordering from Keepsake now that I have actually been to their store, when we were in New England in the Autumn.

I stopped into I-Knit London on Wednesday night for knitting group and managed to bag the copy of Knitscene magazine that has the Gingko Shawl in it.  I'd seen this pattern in the Knitting Daily newsletter and really liked it.  It's basically a modular knit that looks like Gingko leaves or perhaps scales.  I've decided to use the hand-dyed SparkleDuck Genie fingering that I bought at the Unravel show for this, and ordered a third skein online to make sure I have enough.  Of course, I can't cast on for it yet.  Sob.


Daisy said...

Oh no! I hope it recovers soon...

Sheryl Evans said...

So sorry to hear that you're having health problems. Do go to the doctor & see if he can help.

Denise said...

Sounds like you pinched a nerve or something. Try some ice to see if that might get rid of the inflammation. Go to the doctor cause they might be able to give you a steroid shot. That'll fix you up ;)

Heather x said...

Oh I feel for you babe, thats how my hand pain started 10 years ago, I missed knitting and crocheting so much that I changed to knitting machines.
I still fidget in front of the tv though lol.

*hugs* Heather x

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