Saturday, 26 May 2012


Two days after I last wore my woolly hat and fingerless gloves, the temperature leapt to 27 degrees Celsius and has stayed high all week.  This means two things:  our new well-insulated house becomes ridiculously hot all the time and especially at night when we are trying to sleep; and the 'killer grandchildren' season begins.

The killer grandchildren visit their grandparents who live next door, and although there are only I think 3 or 4 of them, they make enough noise for half a dozen.  And since we have to have all our windows open in order not to bake to death, we get to listen to them trying to kill each other for the entire visit.  Honestly.  Friday night they arrived at 6:30pm and left just before 9pm, and screamed and wailed the ENTIRE time.  If nothing else you would think they would get hoarse.  They don't seem to be able to play normally, one or more is always screaming or wailing as if they've just had a limb ripped off, and apart from a few feeble admonishments, the neighbours just let them carry on.  So not only can we not sit in our garden, we can't even get away from it in the house. Grrrr.

Meanwhile, as I sit in front of the fan in a tank top and shorts, I am of course knitting a woolly mitten with reindeer on it.  As you do.

These True North mittens are cute, but I'm not sure I like the Blackstone Tweed yarn.  It's a bit slubby and feels sort of papery, and it snaps easily.  Perhaps they will feel better when they are washed.

And I have a finish this week!  I finished the Multnomah Shawl in Trekking Hand Art sock yarn in colourway 'Sansibar' 551.

Although I was practically losing the will to live by the final rows which were so long, I'm pleased with how it turned out.  Unfortunately, I don't find the Trekking yarn soft enough to wear around my throat area even after washing with fabric conditioner.  While I've been knitting this, it's been reminding me of a friend in America who wears colourful scarves, so I am going to gift it to her.

My knitting hand seems almost back to normal when I'm knitting, but is still paining me when I try to squeeze things like closing a safety pin.  So I have been knitting this week on my Japanese Stitch Sock, Twice Doomed Tee, Advent Calendar Lace Scarf and Eyelet Lace jumper.  I wonder what it is like to knit on  one project at a time?  Bet they would get done a lot faster.

Today was my sewing group and I had bravely offered to teach people how to free motion machine quilt.  This involved me dragging about twice as much gear as normal to class, but it went off pretty well.  We managed to get all the participants going on their machines even though a couple of the machines were 40 years old, and my demos on my own machine went off smoothly with no embarrassing hitches.  I am teaching three modules, so today we started off with meandering/stippling, and hopefully they will all practice over the next month so that next time we can move on to continuous curves and echo quilting.  One of my older members, who taught adult education for several years, said I did a really great job and that I should consider teaching adult education!  I was pleased by that but as a natural introvert I was absolutely exhausted by putting out so much energy for 2.5 hours.  I think it would be pretty tough doing it regularly, but perhaps I would get used to it.  Something for when I'm retired perhaps?

I've a lot more time on my hands at work now that I have handed over various jobs, while I wait for my transfer into another department.  I've have been discovering the galaxy of time suck which is Pinterest, and bookmarking lots of neat stuff that I will never have time to make - such as this really cute Dresden Plate placemat and table runner, these charming little house ornaments, and an Iphone stand which would help me see my knitting pattern better when I'm out and about.

I will finish with some pictures of my clematis in my garden, which decided to be fabulous this year.

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Wow, pretty knitting and clematis! How on earth old are the killer grandchildren? Sounds like they're all aged about 2 - 3, which is surely impossible. Unless they're triplets?!

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