Saturday, 21 July 2012

Home again

It's been really great to be home with all my things, and especially my own comfortable bed, but we did have a lovely holiday.  Orkney was so atmospheric and picturesque, with such stunning views and incredible ancient monuments.

On the final day, we drove to the top of Wideford Hill and walked over a mile down through fields to visit the Wideford Cairn on the hillside.  On the way is a derelict gate to nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, and darn if it didn't have yarn bombing on it.  There are obviously some very active yarn bombers on Orkney!. This installation included a little doll, possibly a Viking, with a little flask, as well as strips of knitting tied onto the gate.

By the time we landed in Heathrow I had almost finished my Piper's Journey Shawl, despite breaking a needle on the last day and having to finish the lace border knitting with a broken stub on the plane.  I finished it yesterday and blocked it today.  There seems to be differing opinions on Ravelry as to whether it blocks as a long crescent or as a croissant shape, mine seemed to want to be a croissant shape.  This is Quince & Co Chickadee, which was lovely and springy to knit with.  It seems to have relaxed somewhat alarmingly now that it is wet, but I will wait until it's dry before I reach a verdict.

Today was my monthly sewing club, where I taught the third and final instalment in the Machine Quilting course.  One person had done a lot of practicing and was getting on really well, which makes it feel worthwhile. Most of the others had at least had a go at it, and some intend to do more.  In the afternoon, I made up the panel of four placemats that I bought from Keepsake Quilting - straight stitching on the sides and meandering in the central part. They're cute, and we used them for supper tonight.

I actually had to water the garden today, which feels odd after the weeks of rain we've had.  Apparently we are now going to have a heat wave up to 30 degrees, just in time for the Olympics starting next week.  Bizarre weather.  I'm hoping that my journey to work isn't going to be too bad with all the Olympic crowds, but I'm looking forward to being able to work from home for four days each of the two weeks of the main games. Hopefully it's going to  mean lots more crafting time, as right away I will save three hours of commuting time each day.

Job hunting update:  my telephone interview for the scary job led to a face-to-face interview, which went fine but not brilliantly.  I did not embarrass myself but I know I waffled too much and I got the feeling that I'm not what they are looking for.  However, I have subsequently had a telephone interview for a different and possibly even scarier job which went extremely well, so I will wait to hear if I am invited for a face to face interview for that one. I'm not too sure about that job as it would involve travel to locations up north every few weeks, which would not be fun although it would mean lots of knitting time on the train - one must think about these things when one is a multi-crafter!

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