Friday, 13 July 2012

In the Orkneys

I'm posting this from our holiday flat looking over the bay at Finstown in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland. We're on holiday for a week, visiting some of the Neolithic monuments and taking in the scenery. Im using the Blogger app on an Ipad, which seems to append photos rather randomly but hopefully you will be able to put the correct photo to the right text. Today we visited the UNESCO World Heritage site of Skara Brae.

I've brought several knitting projects and even some cross stitch. I started a new garter stitch shawl using a Zauberball, it's good for knitting on while we are out and about, like tonight while we were queuing for an outdoor fish and chip van.

Today when we popped into Stromness for some tea and cake, I found two shops selling yarn. The first one had no name but had a selection of Noro, Colinette, Patons, and some local yarn of North Ronaldsay which was surprisingly soft. They also had some locally dyed small skeins but pricey at £9.95. They also had some gorgeous buttons in an antique drawer cabinet, and needles.

The second, called Quernstone, was basically a gift shop but at the back had a lot of baby yarn and some Patons in heavier thicknesses.

BeFore we came away, I got the borders on to the red and white quilt.

I've got some names of shops selling yarn in the capital of Kirkwall so there may be more yarn in my future. I did find a mini Neolithic pot in a gift shop which I can use as a dollshouse flower pot.


Daisy said...

Enjoy your holiday! I'm glad you found some yarn shops already.

swooze said...

Gee no pics of the view? Love that yarn. Glad you had a good time.

Sue said...

Love the red quilt! So smooshy. I love that look. Also, I'm too lasy to comment on the other post, but what a surprise to come upon that yarn bombing! hahaha! Love the pictures!

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