Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Olympics are coming

Here in London there is a feeling of holding our collective breath because we all know something REALLY BIG is coming closer and closer.  Every day I go into work, I notice more preparations: new signs on the Underground pointing to events, new branding banners advertising sponsors inside the station, more people handing out brochures about how to cope with the travel chaos, new road signs going up, Olympic rings hanging off Tower Bridge etc.  For us poor commuters, particularly the ones like me that aren't particularly interested in sport, there is a feeling of being herded closer and closer to a tall cliff that we are all going to have no choice about jumping off.  The travel chaos is predicted to be gargantuan, with up to 3 million additional journeys being made by public transport per DAY.

So I was rather pleased to see the rebels fighting back against the Empire when the whole 'The-event-formerly-known-as-the-Ravel-***pics' hit the fan -  and the national American papers, and the Twittersphere, and the podcasts, and so on and so on.  The USOC should have known better than to take on the fibreverse.  To show solidarity, I have decided to take part for the first time in the newly-rechristened Ravellenics.  I am entering my sad Noro cardi in the Frogging Trampoline, and I am going to try yet AGAIN to knit my machine knit jumper as part of the Rhythmic Machinistics event.  But in order to show that I am not excited by the whole cliff-jumping experience, I have joined Team Apathy which seemed to have the right attitude (motto: "We don't care if we finish anything").

I have carried out some stash augmentation this week.  Thursday and Friday we were in Cambridge, touring DS around the university open days.  I found some time late on Thursday to walk out to The Sheep Shop at 72 Beche Road, which was about a 1.5 mile walk on a very hot day.  But the owner was lovely when I got there and fetched me a glass of water (she probably didn't want this red-faced arrival to pass out on her floor).  It's a nice shop, and there were several yarns there I hadn't seen before, and I came away with some lace yarn that I had seen before but not bought:  Drops lace yarn in a lovely grey blue, and two skeins of Malabrigo Lace in a bright painter blue.

Today I got the bus over to the Middlesex Machine Knitters 'Knit and Natter' in Hampton, which isn't too far from me.  I had formed the impression that you could in fact knit and natter, but it turned out to be a very small machine knitting fair, and only limited sitting space in the refreshments room.  After browsing the interesting exhibitions and falling for a cone of Yeoman Tibet (silk and wool, gorgeous, 450 grams for £14.40), I did sit and knit for a while with a cup of tea, but began to feel that I was hogging one of the limited seats as ladies began to arrive to eat their packed lunch.  So I didn't stay for the talk by Iris Bishop, because it wasn't going to start until 1:30pm and there wasn't anywhere to wait nor anyone else knitting that I could natter to.

I was knitting on the Piper's Journey Shawl.  I have tried to memorise the lace border to free myself from having to read the chart.  Even though it is simple lace, I am only achieving a 50% success rate, so having to rip back 3" for every 6" that I knit.  I have now learned to count my 18 stitches on every return row, to make sure they haven't gone up or down.  You can see my short row tip in the second photo.

Sofa knitting this week has been yet again on the Eyelet Jumper, I am almost up to the armhole on the front now.

We are going on holiday towards the end of next week, leaving the grandparents in charge of DS (much to his annoyance).  We are heading up to the Orkney Islands off the northern tip of Scotland for a week of touring around archaeological sites which DH is interested in.  I have to decide what knitting projects to take.  Probably Piper's Journey and the Japanese Stitch Sock, and perhaps the Advent Calendar 2010 scarf if I download the charts before I go.  I am feeling the lack of a plain knitting project suitable for car journeys and  cinema visits - I may have to start another pair of vanilla socks.  Or perhaps find another garter stitch shawl pattern.

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Daisy said...

Have a lovely holiday.

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