Saturday, 28 July 2012

The plug has been pulled

I did it.  I have handed my notice in at my job.  There, I've said it 'out loud' which feels a bit weird as I have been keeping it as a deep dark secret all week in my actual workplace.  I am not big on goodbyes and speeches so I expressed my preference to my manager to keep it low key and quiet and I won't actually be telling everyone until a few weeks before I go in August. Leaving feels like the right thing to do, there is nowhere to go there and now I will have more motivation, and more time, to find something else.

Meanwhile, the Olympics are upon us and I get to work from home over the next two weeks, apart from two days, so it almost feels like my reward for leaving is a two week holiday! Although I am sure that's not how our employers see it  :)  Last night I stayed up to see the strangely disjointed Open Ceremony and once the athletes were parading I started frogging my Noro Matsuri Cardigan UFO for the Ravellenics.  I was close to finishing so I even kept going through the caterwauling of the World's Oldest Beatle (although I did mute the television) and wound the last skein as the BBC announcers signed off at 1am.  So today I am feeling a bit sleep deprived.

We did indeed have a heat wave over the last week, which finally broke yesterday, so I was finally able to wear a couple of the Five Minute Skirts that I made in the previous heat wave. They've been languishing in my closet during all the cold rainy weeks. Our new-build house has pulled its usual trick of being really hot every night in the bedrooms, which has made sleeping a bit difficult a few nights, so I was grateful for the cool night last night.

Speaking of houses, I have been feeling this week like Someone Up There has been taunting me.  Do you remember we went to look at the enormous house nearby a few months ago, the one which would be ideal for craft studios and which crystallised our decision to move somewhere bigger?  At the time we couldn't afford it and it needed too much work and our house is nowhere near ready to go on the market, so I sadly abandoned the idea.  So there I am on Monday morning, on my way to work to hand in my notice for my job, when I spot the same house in the paper now up for auction at a considerably reduced price (but still too much for us when we haven't sold our house). The auction was two days later so there was no way we could have got all the legal and financial stuff done in time, so I growled a bit and gritted my teeth.  So Thursday, the day after the auction and four days after handing in my notice, I check the auction site to find the house didn't even sell (that's how ugly it is folks) and is now at an even more reduced price!  Gaaah!  It's like a carrot dangling from a stick that I just can't quite reach.  If I thought our house would sell quickly, and if I had a job so we could get a small mortgage to make up the difference...  and if I had just won the lottery Friday night...  Bleah.

Commuter knitting this week (when it wasn't too hot to touch wool) has been the Garter Stitch Shawl.  I had previously blogged that this yarn was a Zauberball, but realised when I went to post it on Ravelry that it is in fact a Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Dégradé yarn.  This picture is taken while I'm in the middle of a row, sorry.

Much as I am loving the colours of this, I am beginning to wonder if I will ever wear this in public. It's a bit like a bumblebee that has been feasting on too many tropical flowers.

Also this week I have tackled one of my oldest quilting projects.  Over two decades ago, and I think it was actually on my honeymoon, I bought a panel of medieval 'Book of Hours' scenes from an indoor market in the southwest of England. It was probably intended for cushions but I thought I would make a quilt from it.  I've never known what to do with it, but hung onto it all these years and moved it from house to house.  Then recently I found the brilliant book 'Great Sets' by Sharyn Craig, subtitled "7 roadmaps to spectacular quilts".  This was one of my £2 finds at the bargain bookshop in London across from the British library.  There are answers in here to so many block conundrums that I am sure I will use this book again and again.

I decided to set my medieval blocks using Sharyn's modified Garden Maze setting, and I am already pleased with how it is looking.  I cut small cornerstones from the border pattern which shows miniature versions of the blocks.  I have the rows completed for the middle but not sewn together yet.  This will be around lap size I think.

TV knitting this week has been the Union Jack bag from Simply Knitting magazine.  I finished the flag but had a kazillion ends on the back from the intarsia.  As I am going to be lining the bag, in the end I just knotted a lot of them together with small reef knots.  I am currently knitting the other side of the bag - I deviated from the pattern which is just two simple squares sewn together.  I picked up stitches along the bottom of the flag and knit a garter stitch 'bottom' and then cast on more stitches to create side gussets before knitting upwards for the back piece. I think this will be a knitting bag, although I suppose I could flaunt it next time we have a patriotic event.


diegoagogo said...

I love that bookshop! I "discovered" it in 2009 when we were just visiting London & we stayed at the Novotel across the road.
Very brave move to leave the job so congratulations.
I hope something comes along to make the house work for you - it is such a pain to have the plan & not the funds isn't it!!
We would move to the country & raise chickens & have a massive vege garden if it weren't for the money!!LOL Never mind, that's what the lottery is for 'eh??
Have a great week.

Sue said...

Congrats on finally leaving that job! Whatever comes next has to be better. Love all your knitting and quilting.

Daisy said...

Congratulations on resigning! And good luck with the job hunt.

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