Saturday, 4 August 2012

27 hour days

I was 'working from home' this week apart from Tuesday, based on the premise that London was going to grind to a halt under the weight of Olympic numbers.  In fact, the scare tactics adopted by Transport for London appear to have been so effective that shopkeepers are actually complaining about the lack of customers and apparently West End theatre audiences are 25% below this time last year.  I certainly had no trouble going in and out on Tuesday, so I probably shouldn't be working from home at all.  But strangely I do not feel the urge to bring this to the attention of my employers  :)

So this means an extra three hours on my day because I am not commuting, and of course time during the day and at lunch time to do sensible things instead of having yet another cup of office tea and wondering which sandwich establishment to patronise at lunchtime.

I finished the Medieval Book of Hours scenes quilt to top stage, and it already has a future owner because one of my friends saw it on my blog and really liked it (Hi Anita!).  I just need to quilt it. DH says it looks like a medieval banner.

(I've just realised this picture is sideways, but DS is moaning about his gaming slowing down because I'm uploading photos, so please just tilt your head to the left...)

I finished the Union Jack bag and even used it on Tuesday when I went up to London, to show I was in the patriotic Olympic spirit and all that.  Although it isn't really big enough for the huge amount of stuff I feel is vitally important to my commuting health - I even had to leave my knitting at home which made me feel very vulnerable.  I had to rip back the top moss stitch border on the back piece once I decided to use these handles, then cast off the sides, then re-knit a shorter border.  I've lined it with fabric themed with black taxi cabs and red phone booths.  It's quite a handy bag and fairly comfortable to carry.

I painted up some quarter-scale miniatures that I bought some time ago from Judith of In Some Small Way.  In this scale, one foot in real life is equal to 1/4" in the model, so they are pretty small.

This was a kit with two plastic chairs, a plaster barrel, and a chessboard.  I painted them up and installed them on the boardwalk in front of my quarter-scale Western saloon that I made in a workshop in Chicago several years ago.

I also had a packet of plaster minis in various scales, I pulled out a bucket, an open sack, a closed sack and a pile of sacks, and a crock, and painted them all up - also for the Western saloon.

I had another kit for making bottles of wine and spirits - with a laser-cut acrylic cutout that you colour with a Sharpie pen, and labels to cut out and stick on.  I made up about eight of these and put some in the Western saloon, and some in the club on the ground floor of my quarter-scale New Orleans French Quarter house.

I had another little kit for making quarter-scale baskets by forming strips of Aida canvas around round dowels, then gluing on card circles for bases.  I put one of these by the piano in the Western saloon, then two in the 'modern' flat of the New Orleans house and one on the desk of my 'Feed the Birds' gift shop.

Then I painted up a laser-cut scrollwork bench kit and put it on the balcony of the New Orleans house outside the modern flat.

I finished the first square of the GAAA - Great American Aran Afghan.  This has taken me weeks and there are 20 squares in the blanket.  Also this was one of the easiest according to the pattern book.  This could be an afghan I am cuddling under in the nursing home while I am still knitting the final squares.

We had a couple of outings recently.  We went to see the Great Barn at Harmondsworth, which isn't too far from us.  This has been called the 'Cathedral of Middlesex' and has stood since 1426.  It is astonishingly enormous and gives you an idea of what the first wooden churches must have been like. It's now been bought by English Heritage who will be opening it on one day each month (fourth Sunday I think).

We also have been out on a few more future-home-hunting expeditions.  One of these was to Bicester, which had a town centre we liked including this very nice knitting and patchwork shop at one end of the high street.  Good selection of yarns (can't remember which brands now though) and a display of Moda fabrics and jelly rolls.  It's a spacious shop, very friendly husband and wife owners, and they said they are converting the upstairs to be a classroom and meeting area.  Sadly after this promising beginning, we didn't like the Bicester housing estates and the drive to DH's workplace was too long.

On the Ravellenics front, after frogging my cardigan, I have been machine knitting Gauze from a Rowan magazine - I've just got one sleeve left to knit and then I can block it and seam it.  It's supposed to be done before the Olympics come to a close as I've entered it in the Rhythmic Machinistics event.

This has turned into a very long post, but hopefully you have enjoyed seeing what I've been up to.

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Daisy said...

I like the bag, especially the lining! Wish I'd found that shop in Bicester. We just went to the outlet village which was awful!

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