Saturday, 25 August 2012

Officially a lady of leisure

Well, I didn't get the job I was so optimistic about, and I've now finished at work, so I am officially unemployed.  I think it is going to take a while to sink in, my subconscious just thinks we are on holiday and will be back to work in a few days.  Meanwhile my conscious brain is feeling slightly panicked and suddenly unwilling to spend money (I even passed up the chance to go to a dollshouse show on Bank Holiday Monday).

Nevertheless, I've signed up for 'In the Loop 3', a knitting conference in Winchester in the first week of September, taking advantage of the fact that for once I am available on weekdays to do something like that.  Hopefully it will be really interesting because it is three long days of sitting and listening to talks, and I know I won't be able to knit all day because my hand still starts to hurt after a few hours.

Last night I started a new shawl, the Ginkgo Counterpane Shawl, which was in the Summer issue of Knitscene magazine. You knit about 20 modules in the shape of what quilters would call a 'clamshell', then sew them together to make the shawl.  I am using Sparkleduck Genie in 'Deco' colourway, which is a fingering weight, and it is taking me about 1.5 hours to knit each unit.

I felt able to start a new shawl because I finished the Multi-coloured Shawl from the Fledermaus-Tuch pattern, a free pattern on Ravelry that sits really nicely on the shoulders.  This was knit in Lang yarns Jawoll Magic Degrade and I used a great crochet cast off that I found online but stupidly didn't save the link from.  You crochet a chain of 5, then crochet through three knit stitches, then crochet through both loops and start another chain 5.  Of course, I ran out of yarn about a foot from the corner of the shawl, but luckily I had another ball of the same yarn in a different but sufficiently complementary colourway that I could use. This yarn feels fine on my arms but a tiny bit scratchy to have near my neck.

I'm continuing to work on my Lone Star Quilt, trying to cut and sew as accurately as possible to avoid the dreaded volcano-centre.  I'm making this pattern, which I bought together with a kit of fabrics from Reproduction Quilts at an American quilt show a few years ago.  I have to piece and cut eight strip sets, I've done three so far.

Other than that, commuter knitting has been the Japanese Stitch sock and TV knitting has been the Eyelet Lace jumper sleeve.  A new category of TV knitting, which is unemployed morning TV knitting, has been Day 11 of the Advent Calendar 2010 Lace Scarf.

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