Saturday, 15 September 2012

A wage slave once again

I started my new job on Tuesday.  Have you heard of 'imposter syndrome'?  It's apparently more common in women.  It's when you suffer a lack of confidence even though your skills and abilities have been rewarded with a good job, and you feel like there must be some mistake and that at any moment they will find you out and expose you as a fraud.  Well, I've had a bit of that this week as the new company is so much more professional and high powered than the charity I've been working for the last few years.  I've even had to dust off my suits from the back of the wardrobe and start wearing them again.

However, so far so good and I have not yet been escorted from the building.  My new colleagues seem quite friendly and my new boss seems nice.  My surroundings aren't as comfortable as they were at the charity but they're ok.  I'm pleased to have a new job and it even pays a bit more than the old one, but I am struggling with my usual lack of enthusiasm for sitting at a row of desks for 8.5 hours a day, day after day.  The commute is a bit shorter but the working day is longer, so no change really in craft time apart from I'm not getting a seat on the train now in the evenings, which is cutting into my commuter knitting.  But I'm pleased to be back in work after such a short break.

Today was my sewing club, and I'm enjoying a few months off after teaching free motion quilting for the last three meetings.  We will start our next group project in January, by which time I have to come up with instructions for a mystery row quilt/wallhanging.

 I shopped my stash to pull together fabrics for a different wall hanging, which I put together today. I found this great Debbie Mumm border print of small town shops, and used it to make a square in a square design.  I fused a single house into each of the setting triangles.  In this picture it is now pinned up for quilting.  The reason the middle is blank is that I will be using it to display my accumulation of pins.  I got the idea from a quilting book called 'Memorabilia Quilts' by Rita Weiss and Linda Causee, a great book that shows several innovative ideas for displaying collections in quilt form.  The book includes a baseball themed quilt for displaying a collection of pins collected at stadiums. I don't collect pins as such, but you get given them so often at quilt shows etc. that I seem to have quite a few anyway.  I didn't use their baseball pattern but came up with a similar shape using my border print.

My Cityscape yoked cardigan is coming on well, and I'm almost finished hand knitting the yoke.  The chart is 40 stitches wide by 13 rows high, and while I did use the chart on the back of the jumper, I charted my own 80 stitch chart for the rest of the yoke.  I was trying to fit in a few London landmarks like Tower Bridge, the London Eye, the Gherkin, Palaces of Westminster and St Paul's, but it is extremely difficult to do in just 13 rows.  I need to knit about another half inch and then do the neck band.  Rather alarmingly, I am running out of white yarn.  I've already unraveled my tension swatches so I am crossing my fingers that I have enough for the bands, as this is a yarn I bought at WEBS in New England that you can't buy over here.  Once I finish the yoke, I will be steeking the front opening.

I received a nice parcel from America this week: my Ravelry order arrived.  I am now the proud owner of the commemorative project bag, a 'Bob' tape measure, and the Ravellenics 2012 pin (which I can pin to my wallhanging once it's finished).

I thought you might enjoy seeing this 'skinny' yarn which came vacuum packed with Simply Knitting magazine this month.  It seemed like an ingenious way to send yarn through the post with the magazine.

This is what it looked like once you cut the plastic and released the vacuum.  It took a couple of days to fully fluff up and feel like yarn again, and several days later it is still showing some creases.  So I'm not sure this method is very good for the yarn. Or perhaps this wasn't the right type of yarn for the method.

The small amount of commuter knitting this week has been on units for the Ginkgo Counterpane Shawl.  I'm now up to 12 completed units, so nine more full units to knit, then seven partial units after that.

Hope you've had a good week!


swooze said...

I understand about imposter syndrome. I'm waiting to hear back on my interview but have this doubts racing through my mind.

Daisy said...

I didn't know it was called Imposter Syndrome, but I definitely suffer from it too! Pleased you're surviving.

diegoagogo said...

I am one of the many who suffer from this syndrome & I hate that I do. Fighting it all the way!!
I love the cityscape sweater, it looks lovely.

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