Saturday, 27 October 2012

My lost week

I'm just coming out of one of the most miserable and uncomfortable weeks I've had in a long time, after starting to feel ill Monday night.  To cut a vile story short, the doctor says it's gastric flu.  Put it this way, I was too sick and too exhausted even to knit.

However, all things come to an end eventually and I think I am arriving there.  I'm supposed to go back to work on Monday, but I tried going for a short walk today and my legs felt rubbery after about 50 yards, so I don't know.

So it's pretty much been a lost week craft-wise.  The quilt frame sat empty all week after the flamingo quilt came off.  I've only just got the energy today (Saturday) to load on a printed panel for a waistcoat, and I had to sit down for a while in the middle of that task.

I've also switched from my clumsy plastic free motion foot to a precision hover foot which gives much more visibility.  It's a bit more of a diva, and we had a disagreement for 15 minutes or so concerning thread tension, which was eventually solved by replacing the needle with a smaller size.  I'm going to try custom quilting the different areas of the panel to practice my steering and precision (I need the practice).

I've suggested to the family that the delays so far in production may mean that Christmas may need to fit around the frame, but they aren't going for it.

When I could sit on the sofa, sometimes I was keeping busy with small tasks, like sewing on the buttonband on my Cityscape cardigan and the buttons.  So it is now finished.  I'm not entirely happy with it.  Actually, it would be fairer to say that I have mixed feelings.  I LOVE the yarn, Valley Yarns Northfield which is a merino / alpaca / silk blend.  It feels like a hug when you put it on, so soft and warm and yet so light.  I like the colours.  I like the amount of ease in the body which came out skimming the bulges as I wanted rather than negative ease like in the original.  My personalised city chart looks ok, and I accept my fair isle tension being a bit uneven. But I'm not keen at all on the way the decreases in the yoke show so obviously, like gathers.  I feel there is something funny going on with the fit around the armscye.  And I'm not happy with my buttonbands.  Despite going to so much trouble to back them with grosgrain ribbon, I think they look lumpy and untidy.  I don't know, I don't think I'm in the best frame of mind at the moment to be objective.

Eventually, when I felt slightly better, I picked up the DK Yarn vanilla sock that I started last weekend from my Mean Girls Yarn Club Episode 4 yarn.  This yarn is so silky and lovely to knit with.  It's so quick to knit even a large man's sock in this heavier weight yarn.  DH is quite pleased with it and looking forward to the other one, which is now started.

Yesterday, when I was feeling more on the mend, I also picked up and finished the cross-stitch bookmark for m-i-l's  birthday.  The tassel and the felt backing (unseen) came with the kit but I changed the colours of the fuschias.  Keen eyes will notice where I went wrong with the border, but I'm calling it a design choice.

And that's it for a pretty lost week.  I will fill up space with a picture of our cat Lucy being used as a prop for DH's cross-stitch chart (yes he is doing cross-stitch, and she ended up with the chart on her because she kept pestering him).

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Hope you feel totally better soon. I think the Cityscape cardigan looks rather good - maybe you need to put it away for a while, then look at it again?!

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