Sunday, 25 November 2012

Another week

Another week gone by, and only 18 working days for me until Christmas - yippee!  I am still trying to think where we are going to put the Christmas tree if I keep the quilting frame in the living room.  My latest plan is to close off the downstairs bathroom and put the tree in front of the door, but our hallway isn't very big so we would have to get a smaller tree than usual.

Yesterday was my Saturday sewing club that I run, and I wore my new waistcoat made from a printed panel.  It's a bit annoying because it doesn't fit very closely (due to no darts) and is a bit stiff, so it's a bit like wearing lightweight body armour.  But my friends admired it.  I wonder if it would get softer with wear. I found a cute button that looks like scissors to close it.

At the club I started to piece together the Stack 'n Whack quilt, Sarah's stars, that I cut out last month.  I'm having my usual trouble with accurate piecing of triangles and diamonds but I'm really pleased with the colourways.

I gave the Baby Quilt  a wash and the quilting has puffed up nicely, just need to bind it now and then I can give it to my colleague at work for his little girl.

Remember the Cityscape Cardigan that I wasn't too sure about?  I gave the yoke a steam press with a pressing cloth which has flattened it out better, and I wore it to work on Friday.  I have a history of wearing knits to work and attracting no comments whatsoever, but this cardigan was admired by three colleagues who were amazed that I had knit it.  So I felt good about the garment (because that's how shallow I am, apparently) and it was lovely and cosy to wear.

I re-knit the Susie Rogers' Reading Mitts  in angora with smaller needles, and they've turned out to be quite a good fit and so lovely and soft.  I feel like I should be holding delicate vintage teacups and reading Jane Austen when I wear them..

I've loaded the next quilt on  the frame, this time it's the McCall's mystery quilt that I did in the village fabric.  I'm going to try my first panto pattern of this framequilting session, I got fairly good at them last time so hopefully it will all come back to me.

I will finish with a picture of this adorable hand embroidered deckchair which a friend gave to me as an early Christmas present - isn't it sweet? It's in 1/12th scale so only a few inches long.

I've started to place my Madrid mini purchases into my dollhouses but haven't had time to put them all away yet.

Hope you've had a nice week.

1 comment:

Daisy said...

The deckchair's very cute! Great to see you today!

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