Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn holidays

A belated Happy Hallowe'en to those who celebrated, and if you are in the UK I hope you enjoy Guy Fawkes Day tomorrow.  We were supposed to go to the fireworks display at the local primary school tonight, but as we have woken up to pouring rain, it might be cancelled which will be disappointing.  We had a bumper crop of trick-or-treaters this year, probably around 60 kids, 98% of whom had made some kind of costume effort.  Not bad considering we were one of the few houses in the neighbourhood 'open for business' but then I think people remember from previous years that we go in for it.  Hallowe'en has gained in popularity since I've been living in the UK, but there are still plenty of people who don't like it or who are very suspicious of it. We had five pumpkins this year, and I wrapped one of them in quilt wadding to be a 'mummy' after seeing an American tutorial online.

This week I finished knitting the final modular unit for the Gingko Counterpane Shawl so I now have a bag full of 28 crumpled units waiting to be blocked and sewn together.  I've knit a bit more on the second sock for DH, and I am just about to the armhole on the second sleeve for the Bergere de France Eyelet jumper.

On the quilting frame, I now have my first ever commission, from a very trusting lady at my quilting group who has asked me to meander all over a lapsize child's quilt.  She had already started quilting it so the sandwich was pinned together which made me nervous about how it would go onto the frame.  But so far so good apart from a few tension problems which hopefully I can fix.  I'm getting on much better with the hover foot and my meandering is much neater now.

After I finished the frame quilting on the waistcoat printed panel, I added a bit more off-frame quilting then put it through a wash and dry cycle in the machine which shrunk the cotton wadding to give it a lovely texture.  In this photo I haven't pressed it yet.

My new job is in the public sector and the government department we are associated with is having a craft show of all things.  So I have entered my Fan Stitch lace shawl, my Bird in the Hand fair isle mitts, and my 1:48 scale quilt shop in a teacup.  I took the exhibits in last week, and the show is on this coming Thursday and Friday.  There are actually prizes of gift vouchers, so I am hopeful.

Yesterday I went to Hobbycraft with my m-i-l and bought some yarn.  Prices at Hobbycraft are pretty high - m-i-l bought a pack of two tassels for £1.69 and then afterwards we saw the same tassel at the local haberdashery shop, Tatters, for .45p!  But the yarn has come down in price and most of it is on offer at 3 for 2.  They also had some 25% off, so I ended up buying three balls of Sirdar Crofter for a baby surprise jacket, and some Regia sock wool.  I also bought a ball of sparkly Sirdar DK to make the snowman from 'Mini Christmas Knits' by Sue Stratford.

I found out afterwards that my f-i-l told DH that I had bought 'a lot of stuff' at Hobbycraft - he would probably keel over in a dead faint if he ever saw my stash...

Hope you are staying warm and dry, and if you were affected by Hurricane Sandy then our thoughts are with you.  One of the Hallowe'en chaperone mums even stayed back to ask me soulfully "how my people were".  I said I grew up on the west coast of Canada but agreed that the news about the east coast was terrible.

Thank you for the nice comments about my Cityscape cardigan.  I think I was just in a depressed mental state when I was blogging about it, and it is growing on me now.  I'm tempted to order more of that yarn from WEBS and hang the customs charge, it is just so lovely and now that I have discovered it they will probably discontinue it.

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Daisy said...

Hmm, no that's definitely not a large haul from Hobbycraft! I cannot believe you have a craft show at work!

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