Saturday, 1 December 2012

It's beginning to feel a bit like...

I won't say the 'C' word but it is the 1st of December.  I have excavated the quilted Advent Calendar from the attic, as well as our paper Advent Calendar from Phoenix Trading.  DH's office xmas party is coming up soon, so we went shopping today to get him a snazzy waistcoat and sparkly bow tie, and for me a sparkly hair elastic, sparkly earrings (and more prosaically, a waist cincher to keep the fat rolls under control underneath my slinky dress. I'm sceptical as to it actually staying up while I'm dancing but it's worth a try.)  We topped off the shopping expedition with a treat of waffles with strawberries, chocolate sauce, and gingerbread frozen yoghurt - which is going to make the waist cincher's job just that more difficult, isn't it?

This week I started doing a panto on my village quilt, and I'm pleased that it's going fairly well.  I've picked an easy one to start with, 'Party Hearts' from Sweet and Simple Pantographs.  It's also very easy on bobbin thread, I'm getting about 5 3/4 passes out of one bobbin which is great. The quilt is looking really nice, sparking off inner monologues such as: "I like it!  I could keep this one for myself." "You have too many quilts already and no room to store any more." "It could be a TV quilt."  "We already have 2.5 TV quilts per member of this household." "It could replace one of the other TV quilts - what about the flannel one that has holes in the seams?" "We all like the flannel quilt because it's so heavy and cosy and you could fix the holes in the seams."  And so on .

I'm very proud of DH who finished his enormous cross-stitch scene of London, 'Cityscape' by Anette Eriksson, in just 4.5 months.  To do it suitable justice, I bought some heavy red velvet from Peter Jones and some fancy twisted cord piping, and made a zippered piped cushion out of it using this superb tutorial. It turned out pretty well and DH really likes it. He says he is never doing another cross-stitch though.

Commuter knitting this week has continued to be the Featherduster shawl in Angel Print.  I am now up to the fifth repeat of the chart so there are getting to be quite a few stitches. TV knitting has been Day 12 of the 2010 Advent Calendar scarf.  I can't believe so many people actually knit this scarf in 24 days, each step is taking me several knitting episodes.

I tend to keep each project in a separate tote bag and I had collected quite an accumulation due to not emptying out old project bags.  So I sat down this week and went through the entire collection, emptying out old project bags and putting away patterns, needles, notions etc. in their rightful places.  I found the Twice-Doomed Tshirt in one bag, so now I am feeling guilty about it.  It's knitted up to the armholes and I just need to determine where the pleats should be.  This is where I wish I had a mannequin that is my size.  Hopefully in my next sewing room I will have such a thing.

I bound the baby quilt and sewed on the label, so it's all ready to take to work for its recipient next week.

We've got to pack up DS and take him up to Oxford for his interview soon.  He is alternating between confidence and nervousness, let's hope he strikes the right balance between the two for his actual interview.  It would be great if he gets an offer but we've been told by many people that it is such a lottery to get in because they get so many able students applying.

I hope that if you are making anything craftwise for Christmas, that it is all under control and on deadline.  I'm not really doing anything else specially for Christmas, I knit the socks for DH and the two snowmen decorations.  I just want to keep moving quilts onto and off the frame to get all my tops done.


Denise said...

Your hubby will find another chart that he loves and will forget all about how much he didn't like cross stitching. He did an excellent job! And you did too making a cushion out of it.

PS - don't think you can have too many quilts can you? You need to save some for grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins, and other farflung family members, right? LOL.

Daisy said...

Wow, the cross stitch is amazing - that's a huge project!

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