Saturday, 22 December 2012

It's the Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo!!!  I'm on holiday until 2 January 2013 !!  I'm so excited, I've been counting down the days of my not very interesting job for this day.  DH is also on holiday, and last night we cracked open a bottle of cheap pink Cava to celebrate.

Our tree has turned out fine, you can see it above squeezed into the living room with the quilt frame in the background.  I couldn't squeeze on all of our ornaments but it looks very nice and has a lovely christmas smell.

Today we got in our Christmas food:  turkey and trimmings, christmas pud with custard and cream, and the fridge is groaning.  The idea is to live in a complete cocoon and not go out until Boxing Day (and only then because we have to visit the in-laws).  I've made our traditional Christmas fudge (basically brown sugar stuck together with butter), we have candy canes, and all the decorations and lights are finally up.  I love this time of year.

I'm hoping to get lots of crafting done over the holidays, and last night I did three more passes of the Party Hearts pantograph on my Teacup Quilt on the frame.

I managed to fix the Shaelyn stole that I screwed up so badly trying to knit in the dark in the Hobbit.  The final toll was eight stitch markers knitted in, one stitch dropped outright, two more stitches dropped and picked up incorrectly missing out some bars, and one accidental K2tog.  Luckily as I am purposely knitting at a loose gauge for drapeability, I had enough slack to just drop down stitches and knit them up properly, and I cut out the stitch markers.  As I did my provisional cast on over a spare interchangeable cord, I could switch over my needle tips and start knitting the other way when I started my second ball of yarn.

I'm up to Day 16 of my Advent Calendar 2010 Lace Scarf but after about 10 rows I realised that I was stupidly knitting the right side of the chart onto the wrong side of the scarf and had to frog back.  I was tricked because Day 15 has a wrong side that looks like a right side.

I finished cross-stitching a little snowman gift tag for m-i-l's present of the snowman I knitted her.

So what am I hoping to tackle these holidays?

  • Seam up my Eyelet Lace jumper - I've knit the neckline so it's only the seaming left to do.
  • Block all the pieces for my Gingko Shawl and start sewing them together
  • Fix the errors in my Marina electronic chart and make a start on knitting my Marina pullover on the 950i knitting machine.
  • Sew a label onto my Vintage Lone Star quilt that I finished a few weeks ago.
  • Start the straight-line quilting on the Medieval Panels quilt
  • Do some more piecing on the Lone Star kit I am sewing
  • Do some more piecing on the Sarah's Stars Stack 'n Whack quilt.
  • Crack on with the Advent Calendar Scarf - I would like to get it finished.
  • Do a trial block of my Haapsalu Shawl so far, and decide if I am knitting it or frogging it.
  • Work out a sleeve pattern for my Twice Doomed Tee and knit both sleeves
  • I've got quite a few kits for small dollshouse accessories - perhaps tackle some of them?
  • Start more knitting projects if I can finish some of the old ones!

I need more holiday.

With best wishes for the season to you and yours.


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Daisy said...

Have a lovely break!

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