Sunday, 9 December 2012

Still got it (or at least, some of it)

DH's Christmas party was great fun and I was able to hit the perfect balance between drinking enough to be a dancing fool until the wee hours, without actually being hungover or ill the next day.  The waist cincher did stay up  and was even relatively comfortable, the dress looked great, and I did not fall off my high heels (although it was a near thing a couple of times).  There was an even bigger office Christmas party in the next room so at a couple of points in the evening when our DJ was playing rubbish music, we went and danced next door instead. The hotel (we stayed the night) was very comfortable, and we had a fab breakfast the next morning. That's the only time all year I get dressed up and also the only time we go dancing, so it's not something I'm very practiced at, so I'm relieved that it all went well.

As I was also out another night for my own office party (very tame sit-down restaurant meal), I didn't get a lot of frame quilting done this week but I did eventually finish the panto on the Village Quilt.  It looks good and I think I might use the same panto on my Teacups Quilt.  After taking that quilt off the frame, I pinned on the Medieval Quilt and used my Microstitch gun to baste the sandwich together.  I'm going to quilt that one off the frame because it needs a lot of stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.

While at my own office Christmas meal, I heard a very sad story from a colleague about her childhood best friend who has lost her mother and has now developed breast cancer.  My colleague was so sad about it and  misses her friend so much (the friend emigrated to Canada) that I felt really sorry for her and offered her the Featherduster Shawl that I've been knitting out of Debbie Bliss Angel Print.  My colleague was thrilled and accepted, so that meant I had to finish it quickly as the postal deadline to Canada is about now.  I was just about up to five repeats so I decided that would be enough (the full shawl is six repeats but that's fairly big) and quickly finished it off and blocked it.  It is so soft and silky and lovely that I think I will have to knit another one for me.  My colleague absolutely loved it and thinks her sick friend will really appreciate it.  She insisted on giving me double the cost of the yarn so that means I can buy more to knit my own version.

I can't remember if I blogged that I frogged my Piper's Journey shawlette?  It was in the shape of an elongated croissant and I just found that shape didn't suit me at all so I was never wearing it. It just didn't sit well on my shoulders and wasn't the right shape for wrapping up in.  So I frogged it and now I experimenting with the Shaelyn Shawl pattern only knitting it as a rectangle instead of a triangle.  That's in the Quince & Co Chickadee yarn in navy blue.  It seems like a good yarn but not as soft as I would like for a shawl, it feels more like sturdy sock yarn.

I picked up my Twice Doomed Tee and finished casting off the pleats.  Now I just have to knit the sleeves. Only when I turned to that page of my handwritten modified pattern, I found 1/3 of a sleeve instruction then the words 'my brain hurts' so obviously that hadn't been a good night for doing arithmetic.  Unfortunately I neglected to 'show my work' so I have no clue how I was working it out.  I had a go at winging a sleeve but have ended up with a strange and ugly object that does not much resemble a sleeve so need to try again. I can't even remember what the difference was between my gauge and the pattern gauge - this is what happens when you neglect a project for several months!

That's about it this week - hope your preparations for Christmas are going well.  I just ordered the turkey and trimmings from our online organic supplier tonight, for delivery on the weekend before Christmas.  We're both on holiday between Christmas and New Year which I am really looking forward to.

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Daisy said...

Lovely shawl - and nice to know it's appreciated too.

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