Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Hobbit ate my knitting

We've just come back from seeing The Hobbit in the cinema.  Contrary to the lukewarm reviews, we both really enjoyed it and the almost three hours flew by rather than dragging as I had feared.  They have taken some liberties with the book, and two of the dwarves are distractingly familiar (one is Anders from Amazing Johnsons and the other is Mitchell of Being Human fame), but overall it looked great and is a good start to the trilogy.  We still feel the 3D is just a gimmick, it doesn't add anything to the film and occasionally seemed blurry at the edges of the picture, and I find the glasses annoying.

Due to reading reviews like "We couldn't wait for the film to start, and after one hour we couldn't wait for it to be over" I had carefully saved my Shaelyn Shawl up to knit in the film, as it is bands of stockinette punctuated by simple lace and should have been easy movie knitting.  However, I had reckoned without two factors:

1) it is very hard to see dark navy yarn while wearing dark 3D sunglasses.  I dropped a stitch about two minutes into the film and just could not see well enough to pick it up properly.  I did my best and persevered, but my knitting now has a nice loopy hole in it.

2) I am using small rubber bands from Claire's Accessories, which used to be great stitch markers.  However, I bought a new pack recently and they have changed the hard small hoops into larger floppier thinner rings.  Unfortunately, in the dark the floppy rings don't feel very different from yarn, plus they are so flexible you can actually knit the rings.  Then you end up with knitting like in the picture, where I have managed to knit about eight stitch rings actually into my knitting. I could tell by touch that my stitch markers were missing, I thought I was dropping them in the dark, so I kept adding more from the packet.  In one place I've knit three markers into the knitting, one above another.

Luckily I abandoned the knitting as a lost cause after about 10 rows and didn't attempt the lace row because god knows how that would have gone.

TV knitting, and knit club knitting, this week has continued to be the Advent Calendar Lace Scarf 2010 which is now up to Day 15.  DH pointed out that I am just about on schedule so if I just started to knit one pattern a night, I could finish on Christmas Eve like the original knitters.  Sure I could do that, if I gave up sleep.

Commuter knitting has mostly been the Shaelyn, but on Thursday I had to spend six hours on trains taking DS to an assessment day at Bristol University, so I cast on for my new Featherduster Shawl to replace the one I gave away.  Tomorrow's commuter knitting is going to be frogging the movie knitting back to where I started.  Either that, or if I can pick up the dropped stitch and cut out the stitch markers, perhaps I can save it.

I loaded the Teacups Quilt onto the frame, and have started to quilt it with the same Party Hearts panto that I used on the Village Quilt.  Obviously the quilt frame is still in the living room, so I chose a tall, narrow Christmas tree (we buy a real tree from a tree farm) which we have managed to squeeze in near the TV.  There is just room to walk between the tree and the sofa, and between the tree and the quilt frame, and you can only watch TV unobstructed from one place on the sofa (luckily, the place where I normally sit), but we have a tree.

We've made a good start on putting up the Christmas decorations this weekend.  The outside lights make the house very cheerful, and I've made a little Christmas village scene on the windowsill using various houses and trees I have collected.  I used my knitted snowman as part of the scene.

I have been living dangerously and checking out the British Classified ads on Ravelry lately, where there are lots of de-stashed yarns for sale, and I finally succumbed to an Alice Starmore kit for an Aran cardigan, going a bit cheaper than if purchased directly.  That should be in the post as a Christmas present from me to me. I don't know if I will knit the pattern or not, but I could use the yarn for another Starmore design as I have her Aran book also.  I am seriously contemplating a yarn diet for 2013 but I don't know if I have the willpower.

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Daisy said...

Sorry, I know it's annoying, but I had to laugh about the stitch markers knitted into the knitting (in my cross stitch days I once stitched some cross stitch onto my nightie whilst knitting in front of a film at home!).

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