Saturday, 5 January 2013

A new year with changes coming

Happy new year to you!  This will be the year that DS flies the nest for university, and hopefully the year that we move house.  We have swung into action for 2013, and have started to take stuff to charity shops. I also spent ages locating all the accessories and bits that belonged to a sewing machine I never used, and sold that on Ebay.  Today we spent some hours clearing junk out of the attic to give away or take to the dump.  We also visited a couple of local self-storage places to price up the facilities and also to buy a roll of bubble wrap and a parcel tape gun.  There is so much to do but if we just keep nibbling away at it, it will get done.

On New Year's Eve, just before midnight, I darned in the last end on my Gingko Shawl and it is now done. At first it looked like this picture (left), not terrible but not very flat.  Sort of a dragon scale look.

After blocking, it flattened out really well and looks much more homogenous.

Commuter knitting this week didn't happen very much as it was a short week, but I knit on the Pretty Thing cowl in Carezza angora at work, and a bit on the second Featherduster shawl.

I've been stitching today on the Medieval panel quilt, using my walking foot to stitch patterns in the border.  And I've done some meandering on the Red and White Stars quilt which is currently on the frame.  I am meandering in the lighter fabrics, and using my Microstitch gun to baste in the dark fabrics so it still rolls okay on the frame.

On the Advent Calendar 2010 lace scarf , I spent two TV evenings trying to knit Day 18, which is true lace (knitted in pattern on both sides).  I just could not get it to come out right, despite frogging and trying again and again.  It was just looking like a dog's breakfast and I was starting to hate it, so I have skipped Day 18 and this is going to be a 23-day Advent Scarf instead.  It's already ridiculously long so I don't think skipping a day is going to matter.  I'm now about 2/3rds of the way through Day 19.

I am on an unofficial yarn diet for 2013 because I have such a huge stash.  I went to the John Lewis yarn sale at Peter Jones in Sloane Square, which is closest to my office.  I had a good fondle and picking over of the sale bins but only bought a Debbie Bliss pattern book which has some nice DK designs.  I also mailordered 'The Celtic Collection' by Alice Starmore pretty cheaply off Amazon because I found the aran design 'Cromarty' on Ravelry when I was looking for something to knit with my Erica yarn.  It's a heavily cabled jumper and I'm not sure my tension is up to it, but I like it.

I ordered some fabric in the Quilt Room two day sale, three gorgeous fabrics from the Cameo collection by Amy Butler which were half price.  One is a lovely design of trees and fences which I might make into a tote bag.

We took down most of the Christmas decorations today and the tree has gone outside so I can finally get at my cupboard where I keep some of my knitting stash and my interchangeables  So I will be able to try out my tips in their new acrylic stand.

With best wishes to you for a happy new year.

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