Thursday, 17 January 2013

Should it be this hard?

Should it really be this hard to get to work? It already seemed counter intuitive to have to drag myself out of bed after a poor night’s sleep due to a snuffly nose, when the temperatures are below freezing outside.  I promptly gashed a 1.5” cut into my little finger, and after temporarily patching that with surgical tape, shoved my foot into my trousers only to have it emerge trailing a long thread which proved to be the entire trouser hem coming down.  Quick change of trousers, shove some breakfast down and head out into the cold for the daily commute. 
Yesterday the trains were all delayed due to a tragic helicopter crash in London very near a main line into the centre.  Today my trains were delayed due to a train fire at London Victoria.  It’s starting to feel a bit like a war zone. When a train did arrive, it was standing room for sardines only.  As I stood there breathing in the waft of other people’s deodorant-lacking armpits, heading doggedly towards my uninspiring job, a little voice in my head was asking ‘why?’.


swooze said...

Just have to win that lottery!

PippaP said...

lol, I totally sympathise as a fellow commuter (shoreham to victoria) and then on the damn tubes to St James's, hated the summer delays because the trains stank and the winter delays due to leaves on line, frozen points,late friday nights because people have jumped onto the tracks ahhh the life eh :) Can't say I miss it although I do enjoy a quick visit to London now and again Off peak LOL

Daisy said...

I tried to put it in perspective - I only had one absolute nightmare day in my 15 months of London commuting so it probably balances out, but last week did seem horrific!

Alessandra White said...

Hello again! I am completely sympathetic with the whole "job being worth it" thing. What I do for money does not bring me any joy, and I am thankful it is only part time. I also realized after reading your recent posts that I have always romanticized life in your country and am kind of ashamed, especially after reading about your commuter train. It must be a real pain for you to put up with the crush every day. Here in Michigan we get nasty winters and I drive to work, but what you deal with is probably a bigger headache. Keep your chin up - your creative life is worth all the effort you put in to it! Cheers!

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