Sunday, 3 February 2013

Suddenly our living room is bigger

The quilt frame is down.  It had a good run, it was up in our living room since October, but I finished the last quilt early this week, the Kaffe Fassett Lone Star quilt.  I used an all-over panto called 'Hedge' and it came out quite well apart from a couple of tension problems in the first few passes.

Although the living room seems much bigger, I feel a bit bereft.  Also the imperative to use all free time to quilt on the frame is suddenly gone, and I feel a bit aimless.  We took the frame completely apart, and boxed up the small bits and bubble-wrapped the larger bits, ready for the move.  I have no idea when it will go up again, it will depend what happens with our housemoving adventure.  In an ideal world, it will go up once more in a large quilting studio and be able to stay up permanently.  Fingers crossed.

The tally this time around included:

  1. Red and White Stars quilt - alternate blocks meandered
  2. Medieval Panel quilt - basted on frame
  3. Village Mystery Quilt - panto
  4. Waistcoat panel - custom quilted
  5. Teacups quilt - panto
  6. Fans cot quilt - meandered
  7. Birds mystery quilt - meander
  8. Single quilt on commission - meandered
  9. Kaffe Fasset Lone Star - panto
  10. Flamingos Turning Twenty around the block - meandered

TV knitting this week has been the Advent Calendar lace scarf - last night I finished Day 23 so I just have one more day and it will actually be finished. This thing seems about four miles long, I haven't measured it but I think it is going to hang to my knees.  DH asked why I was making something so long, and I didn't really have a good answer apart from it seemed like a good idea to join a KAL at the time.

I've joined another KAL now on Ravelry, a Mystery lace shawl based on the Hobbit in the Lord of the Rings group "An Unexpected Journey: A Mystery KAL".  Apart from it needs 1200 yards of sock yarn which I don't have yet, but I'm aiming to get to a yarn store in Miami so that will give me an excuse (like I need one) to buy yarn.

Commuter knitting has been the second Cranford Mitt but I haven't gotten very far on it yet.  I also made a start on a new project, which is the Quilt Sampler mittens from Ravelry.  This is to take on my holiday, so I wanted to start the knitting in case Security challenges me on my reason for having four pointy sticks in my carry-on.  I'm doing red mittens with white sampler block patterns on them.  Confusingly, the chart is illustrated as a white chart with red sampler blocks, so I have to keep reminding myself that I am doing the reverse.

We got a new television which was delivered last weekend.  It's a flat screen, our first one, and the nice John Lewis people took away our old dishwasher-sized dinosaur when they left.  This is an 'HD-ready' television, and the picture is completely different and I am having a hard time getting used to it.  Everything looks crystal clear and hyper real, destroying the 'magic of television' by highlighting every spot on an actor's face and every wrinkle in their costume.  So instead of being immersed in the plots, I'm spending my TV time thinking 'that's a set', 'they are acting', and it all looks far too hard-lit - like cheap soap operas used to look like.  I suppose I'll get used to it.  If it's really bothering me, I could always take my glasses off and then it would be all nice and blurry again :)


FabShabbyRoses said...

I really enjoyed your post! I had to chuckle over the TV comments. HA! I went thru the same thing. The first thing I watched on ours was an action movie and I felt like I was in the movie theater. I have since gotten use to it and it's not so in your face so to speak! Love, Love, Love the guilt. OMG it's gorgous! The mittens are awesome too, you are so talented! Thank you so much for sharing!

Daisy said...

Oh dear re the TV. My OH insisted on getting surround sound speakers so now I nearly hit the ceiling everytime someone on TV goes upstairs etc as it sounds like they're behind me.

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