Sunday, 17 February 2013

Work? What is that?

We are at the end of our two week holiday and tomorrow it will be back to cold reality.  I'm not sure I remember how to work.  I certainly don't remember how to get up for work: today it was 08:45 before I regained consciousness.  I don't even want to think about that alarm going off tomorrow.

We had a few days of jet lag but not too bad, it was vastly better being able to slowly transition instead of going straight back to the daily grind.  We've done a lot of packing, including dismantling a storage unit in the living room made of kitchen cabinets and Freecycling it.  I've been slowly packing up all my dollshouse room boxes, a tricky job trying to pad them sufficiently and fit them into boxes.  I haven't done any of the big houses yet but will tackle some of those this morning.

I'm packing the dollshouse stuff the same way I did last time we moved.  I tend to stick things into my houses anyway, either permanently, or temporarily using tacky wax, so there aren't many loose things.  Life is too short to take everything out and wrap it individually.  So what I do is wad up tissue paper and carefully place it into each room, filling the nooks and crannies until the entire room is held lightly in place with tissue paper.  If there is something heavier that lacks support, for example a doll, then I will wrap it individually and place it back into the room. For big rooms, once I've covered everything with tissue paper, I might fill in interior voids with crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap.  Once all the voids are filled, I either seal the opening with cling film in the case of a room box or 1:48 house, or in the case of a bigger house, wrap it in bubble wrap then lightly hold that on by wrapping parcel tape around the bubble wrap.  So that nothing can shift or fall out as it is a sealed environment.  Eventually, when I unpack, I will unpack on a low table placed in the centre of a bedsheet on the carpet, and I will carefully open out each piece of packing material to check that nothing small is embedded in it.  Last time very few things came loose, and I was able to spot them in the packing material.  Worst case scenario, they fall onto the bedsheet where they can easily be spotted.

I've been enjoying knitting the Unexpected Journey: A Hobbit KAL shawl.  The clues are published each Friday and so far I have easily been able to complete them in one day.  The latest clue, Clue 3, featured little owls with beads for eyes.

I felt like a change so I have started a hat called the Beret Beanie, a sort of slouchy beanie from the book Knitted Beanies by Susie Johns, which Secret Santa gifted me at knitting club.  I'm on the crown decreases at the moment.  This is in New Lanark DK left over from the cable yoke vest that I knit a while ago.

I got quite a lot knit on the hat yesterday, when we spent the afternoon driving around checking out potential future places to live.  We visited Knebworth (ugly, too expensive), Hitchin (big, not very attractive, still on the expensive side), Biggleswade (big, lots of estates) and went back to Sandy in Bedfordshire for another look (still like it).

I haven't done any sewing the last few weeks, I just haven't felt like it.  Soon I am going to have to start making choices as to what gets packed craftwise, and what gets left out to get me through the next several months.  Gulp.  I just know that I will pack things that I should have left out, or else get cold turkey withdrawal and have to raid the storage unit to fondle my yarn stash to calm down.  :)

I blocked out the back of my Alice Starmore Marina slipover. It looks pretty fabulous with all the shading, makes all the labour worthwhile.  It seemed bigger than the measurements when I blocked it, but it shrank up a bit as it dried.  It's still a bit wide in the shoulders, so I think I will reduce the front by 6 stitches in width as I knit up the sides, and fudge the shoulders when I seam the front to the back.

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Daisy said...

Great to see you this afternoon!

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