Monday, 18 March 2013

Househunting and yarny delights

I missed blogging last weekend due to a househunting trip, and I'm late this week due to attending a knitters' weekend.  Bad blogger.

Last weekend we went up to Bedfordshire for two nights at a hotel in St Neots.  We used the time to drive around the area, visiting several towns, and then tried the Monday morning commute on for size.  DH didn't mind his, it was just longer but not any trouble.  I really didn't like mine.  I'm used to getting into London in about 40 minutes with no Tube travel.  It took an hour from Sandy to Kings Cross, then 15 minutes to fight my way through the crowds to reach the Tube, where I got to play sardines in the crowded carriage.  I don't want to be commuting two hours each way every day.  I'm beginning to think we will never find a compromise house that gives us more space and more privacy, without an overly lengthy commute. But it was still useful research which adds more information into the mix.

This weekend I headed off for a long weekend of knitting and yarny fun at Skipnorth, a knitters retreat based at Haworth Youth Hostel in Yorkshire.  It was superbly organised by Nickerjac and Lixie and is now in its ninth year so a lot of the attendees are old friends with each other.  There were about 28 of us I think.  It was really nice to spend time with so many people all interested in the same thing, and quite wonderful to see all the amazing knits people were wearing or working on.  There were also several spinners who brought their wheels, very restful to listen to them whirring away in the common room in the evening when we were all sitting around knitting.  The well-planned agenda included a swap of unwanted yarn, books, magazines and accessories.  I took a big bag of destashed yarn that I don't want to pack in the house move, vowing to come home with a much lighter suitcase.  Unfortunately the lure of 'free' stuff was too great, and I came home with this bounty - for which I will now make a suitable donation to p/hop which was the aim of the swap.

We had coach trips to Texere, where I bought some gorgeous Louisa Harding Sari Yarn, some scarf yarn and some drawstring cord for project bags.  I visited the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth and enjoyed walking down the picturesque old High Street despite the rain, especially when I found several sizes of  half price Knit Pro interchangeables at DaisyDay who are closing out their wool and needle section.  At a secondhand bookstore there, I found a book of cross stitch house designs, and in another shop in Keighley, I found a book of dollshouse Shaker Miniatures with some nice projects in it.

We also had a coach trip to Wingham Wool Works where the spinners went mad filling large bags with selected fleece and roving, and a ride on the vintage steam train from Keighley back to Haworth which was quite fun.

On Saturday morning I did a very enjoyable workshop on knitting with beads, when we prestrung beads onto perle cotton and knit an adorable miniature purse.

So a very restful weekend, lots of knitting, some very nice people, and yarny shopping.  What more can you ask for?


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the weekend, and love the little beaded purse.

Sandra said...

Such a nice weekend. I do love the little beaded purse. Hugs, Sandie

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