Sunday, 3 March 2013

Knit your own antique

I finished my silver knitted bracelet.  I'm really pleased with it, and I think it looks a bit antique.  I was caught out to find that the bracelet finished with a horizontal row of beads, because the cast on was beadless (no, I didn't read the pattern through ahead of time).  So I went back and used the cast on tail to bodge on an extra row of beads at the cast on edge.  The provided clasp was only narrow and I thought the bracelet would flop too much if I just seamed it to the clasp.  So I found two earring wires and made a loop at the other end with pliers, then seamed one of those at both ends of the bracelet to make it stiff.  Then I sewed on the clasp.  Not the tidiest result but for a first-time attempt, I think it's pretty good.

Otherwise, I've mostly been working on the Unexpected Journey Shawl KAL this week.  Clue 4 was a LOT of knitting and I'm still not finished.  Meanwhile Clue 5 came out on Friday.  Hopefully I will finish Clue 4 tonight (Sunday) and Clue 5 looks shorter.

I also finished my Cranford Mitts and just have to darn the ends in.  I still have lots of Colinette Jitterbug left so I think I may knit a second pair for m-i-l.

Last week of employment coming up. They have recruited a temporary replacement for me so I may have to sit down with the new person for part of a day of handover.  That will not be fun as my boss is determined to be there for the handover so no doubt will be earwigging the entire time and correcting whatever she doesn't agree with.  As she has limited technical knowledge, that could get a bit trying.  However, eye on the prize and Friday is my last day.  I've applied for three jobs I've spotted online this past week, so hopefully I will start to get some interviews.  I'm conscious that it would be better to be employed if we are going to be applying for a mortgage later this year.

I've decided that we will use the attic as a staging post for our hobbies while the house is on the market.  We did several hours of packing up there yesterday, and most of it is now boxed up and stashed at either end.  The empty space in the middle will be where I keep my fabric during the house sale, and DH will put his models. So we'll still have access to hobby stuff but it won't be downstairs on show.  Will be inconvenient but better than nothing.  I don't want to get fabric withdrawal.  Knitting will be trickier as I don't want to subject my yarn to the high summer temperatures in the attic.  I think I will have to pick four or five projects to keep me going and the rest will have to go into storage.


swooze said...

I love this. I hope to find one in crochet!

Sandra said...

It's beautiful! Hugs, Sandie

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