Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How the Grinch 'got' decorating

And as the Grinch was slapping Forget-me-Not-blue paint onto her tired and rotting knitting shed, watching it transform before her eyes like an ugly duckling into a fine swan, she suddenly felt her brain let go of its intolerance and scepticism.

Maybe, just maybe, decorating wasn't just what retired people did, or people with no hobbies and too much time on their hands that she had mocked in the past.  Perhaps decorating wasn't just what you did to fool buyers into thinking you had looked after your house for the last ten years and that you were actually tidy, clean people who did frequent housework.

Maybe those retired people were on to something.  Perhaps decorating was a way of feeling good about your surroundings again, and getting a fresh new environment without having to move (even though the Grinch was definitely going to move).  Maybe decorating was a relatively cheap fix that swept away vague feelings of dislike and depression about one's surroundings, and made it feel like you were visiting a hotel, for free.

Perhaps... decorating was something you could do EVEN IF YOU WEREN'T MOVING HOUSE!!

(However, the Grinch drew the line at putting antlers on the cat and harnessing it to a sled full of decorating supplies.)


Tracy said...

Fantastic post Sharon and oh so true! I'm planning to put my house on the market this summer and all the decorating has to start. Good luck with it all :)

Daisy said...

Hmm, I still can't stand all the moving things out of the way so the decorating can start (new kitchen going in next week - EEEEEK!!).

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