Saturday, 11 May 2013

A sense of achievement

I am basking in a sense of achievement, as several long outstanding projects/issues have been successfully tackled.

I finished my Alice Starmore Marina pullover.  The new 23-row bottom band came out just right, it fits well pulling in the excess width unobtrusively, and makes the pullover the right length.  I pulled out the too-small armhole and picked up and knit it again to match the first one.  Then I darned in the ends from the bands, and neatened the ends on the seams.  Then I wet blocked.  I'm quite pleased with the result.  It fits well and looks great.  Even DH is impressed.  It was quite a long saga, conquering everything from a knitting machine that went up in smoke, to writing a new pattern, to programming the machine, and adapting the bands. But the result is a garment that I think I will be wearing for a long time.  And I've got a fair bit of Jamiesons Spindrift left over as some of the colours hardly get used at all, so perhaps I should knit some accessories.

With the help of a very informative Youtube video, I successfully replacing the siphon in our downstairs loo.  It hadn't been flushing very well for a long time, and recently it stopped altogether.  It was a long job but went smoothly apart from I put the water back in too soon for the silicone sealant to have gone off.  But now it has a good robust flush and I reckon I've saved over £100 in plumber fees. It wasn't that hard when I had someone showing me what to do.  My PC is nearby so I would play a segment, pause it and go and do that on my own loo, then come back and watch the next bit.

And today I finally installed the last blind in the conservatory.  I put up side blinds about eight years ago but mis-cut the final blind so couldn't install it.  We eventually bought a replacement blind, but I never got around to putting it up.  So it was one of those jobs on my long guilt list and now it is finally done!

This weekend we have to empty out half the house to make room for the carpet fitters coming on Monday. Then Monday night we have to move everything back into the newly carpeted rooms so he can do the rest of the house on Tuesday.  Then Tuesday night we have to clear everything off the patio and front so that the jet washing people can spray all of the paving on Wednesday.  I expect I will spend Thursday and Friday just putting everything back to rights.

I've been working on my Quilt University Hawaiian Quilt design.  I drew out my potential design and then traced it onto tissue paper so I could cut it out to get an idea what it will look like.  The tissue paper is really flimsy and doesn't lie very flat but you can get the general idea. I based my design on the Plumeria flower.

While I quite like the effect of white on blue, I was actually planning to do blue on white.  So I used Photoshop to simulate what the finished quilt might look like.

I can't use white fabric on blue as the white seam allowances would shadow through when placed on the royal blue background, at least with the white fabric that I currently have.

On Thursday I had a day off from the house and went up to London to visit Grand Designs Live.  I even saw Kevin McCloud up on stage, looking exactly like he does on television.  The show was full of all sorts of house-related products, and I visited a half dozen stands selling garden rooms, as potentially I might need to build a quilting studio in the garden - assuming the garden is large enough.  I quite liked one company and spent the train ride home thinking about how I would actually want to lay out a small studio, which was rather fun.


Sandra said...

You have certainly been busy in RL haven't you? My DH is actually building me a small studio at the moment (I haven't blogged about it yet, keeping it quiet for now) but it's for minis, much as I'd like to have it for my patchwork. It's only 3.75m x 3m, but it has a 1.8m verandah across the front too so that helps.It will be lovely to sit on there and stitch. Hugs, Sandie

Teresa said...

Its beautiful!

Daisy said...

Wow, the pullover looks amazing.

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