Sunday, 26 May 2013

It's only money (but let's hope we get it back eventually)

Today we went and spent about a week's wages on plants and poncey decorations to finish dressing the house.  I realised that we had sunk to our lowest ebb when we seriously considered buying a triptych printed 'painting' of abstract poppies, just because the red would go with the artificial flower arrangement I had put together a few days earlier.  The kind of artwork we have previously asked ourselves: "who on earth would buy that?".  And it was almost us. Luckily we came to our senses before we got to the till.

I went to knitting group on Thursday (Hi Daisy!) which was fun and it was really nice to get out of the house.  Afterwards I went to Hobbycraft and laboriously put together an arrangement of artificial flowers to brighten up our excessively-neutral living room.  I don't think I have much interior design sense, I like things to have  a purpose and make my life easier, so we would never normally have artificial flowers.  But I do rather like how it turned out.

So today I was mainly buying cushions, some tacky wall art (the word 'Love' in cream metal scroll work, eewww) and a wicker chair and cushion for the conservatory.

I've been experimenting with dressing the conservatory, using our new cafe table set from IKEA and some vintage china and a few more artificial flowers.  The strange cacti in the tea cups are actually my second pair of Cranford Mitts which were just drying after being washed. They are a gift for m-i-l.  Hard to believe that for the past 10 years this has been my son's wargaming room and therefore a no-go area for us.  You can see my new carpet in that picture too.

On Saturday I foundation pieced four small blocks for my future knitting bag.  Here are all the blocks so far, plus some cool fabric I found that looks like it's knitted.  I've got a metal carpet bag frame for the bag but haven't really got a plan yet for how it will all go together.

In TV knitting this week I've been plugging away at the knitted border of the Shawl KAL, and also finished my fourth block of the Great American Aran Afghan, which was the Strong block.  I've cast on for my next block, the Morioka block.  Here are the first four blocks, although they aren't blocked to size yet.

When we got home today, I put the various plants into the borders to fill up bare spots, or into pots, or hanging baskets.  It all looks rather good now, this is the best time of year for our garden, before all the pests arrive and it all dries up.

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Is the cafe table set OK for outside use? If so, and if you want to get rid of it when you move, I'd be more than happy to buy it off you! I'm assuming it was bought for window-dressing...

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