Saturday, 22 June 2013

On the market at last

It's almost 1pm on our first day on the market, and it's all a bit anticlimactic as the phone has not rung once.  However, we do have a 'For Sale' board outside the house and our details are online, plus we were in the local newspaper property ads. I had a big tidy up and clean the last few days, so we are ready to spring into action for a viewing if need be.  Hopefully we will start getting viewings this week, so we can get some feedback.  And hopefully the feedback will be positive.  I feel it's an achievement to have reached this milestone - but I would still like someone to actually come and look!

Also DS has finished his A-levels, a major milestone for him and he is now done with secondary school.  So it's just a waiting game now until 15 August when the results are released nationwide and we find out if he has made it into Oxford.  We're taking him out to dinner tonight to celebrate.  He seems fairly confident about how it all went, so fingers crossed.

On a smaller level, I reached another small achievement by finally finishing the Twice Doomed Tee.  I called it that last year after looking up the Debbie Bliss pattern on Ravelry and finding lots of negative comments (some even saying 'don't knit this pattern'), and then looking up the yarn and finding a similar lack of enthusiasm.  I wrote out my own pattern based on the original and pressed on but stalled for several months when it came to modifying the oddly shaped sleeve.

I seamed the sleeves to the body then picked up for the neckline. If I had knit just six rows of stockinette like the pattern suggested, it would have just fallen off of my shoulders. After a bit of experimenting with decreases and ripping back, I ended up continuing the ‘train tracks’ of the raglan decrease into the neckline, by knitting two double decreases next to each other on alternate rows. I kept trying it on, and once the neckline was tight enough, I knit another 4 rows stockinette then cast off loosely.
I had trouble disguising the ends with this slippery yarn. Also the pleats don’t want to lie flat. But that all pales in comparison with the erratic tensioning in this biasing, slippery, live twisting yarn (Twinkle Cruise). Some rows are so energetic that all of the stitches are facing to one side almost as if I knit them twisted. It feels lovely on, really cool on the skin and smooth (70% silk, 30% cotton), but it’s certainly not going to be a garment to wear if I was worried about my skills being judged by other knitters. There’s also the odd single ply waving out wildly so I foresee a future of many snags when passing by anything snaggable.

It feels good on and I think I got the fit right.  But DH, when pressed, cautiously gave his opinion that the fullness at the front makes me look fatter than I am.  I think I am too mature to be mistaken for pregnant so I thought I could get away with it, but apparently it isn't as flattering as I'd hoped.
When I went to Windsor to take some documents to the solicitor handling the house sale, I stopped into the new C&H Fabrics which has opened inside Daniels department store.  It's smaller than the branches I've visited in Canterbury and Winchester but still had lots of good stuff.  And I found some really cute buttons for my baby cardigan.  They are a bit fiddly to get through the holes as the strands catch on the flower petals, so the future mother I give it to will probably not thank me, but don't they look cute?

Early in the week, I set up a small folding table in the living room to finish basting up the Hawaiian quilt while I watched Craftsy classes on my iPad.  It's all basted now and ready for me to start the years-long applique process. I haven't added the border yet, I'm going to applique the medallion first then see how much room I have left.

The great thing about having such a tidy room is that it's always ready for taking quilt photos now.


Daisy said...

Congrats on getting it finished at last! And I think it looks rather good (what do men know, after all?!). Fingers crossed for some viewings...

Sarah Nopp said...

That baby cardigan is adorable. Perhaps you could sew some snaps behind the buttons, to save the mother some headaches :)

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