Sunday, 2 June 2013

(singing) "We're in the money..."

Woo hoo! After doing a trial run with the in-laws on Monday, pretending they were buyers and dressing / cleaning the house up, I felt ready to interview five estate agents on Wednesday to Friday. To my astonishment, the house is worth £100,000 more than I feared it would be.  A combination of property shortage in our area, being in a desirable location, and all the work I've done to make it look pristine. We're absolutely thrilled as it will mean a much smaller mortgage to upgrade to somewhere bigger.

Most of the agents commented how well we have taken care of it - they sure wouldn't have said that if they had seen it three months ago before I did all the work.  Now I just need to choose an agent and kick off the selling process.  Also need to instruct a conveyancer. I've shortlisted two estate agents and will do some negotiating tomorrow.  All five valued it the same, and most predict it will sell quickly.  So we could be cast adrift before the end of the summer, which means we need to pick an area to rent in while we house hunt.  We are going to up to revisit Bedford and look at some property soon, and this weekend we drove into northern Essex and looked around in the Chelmsford area.  We liked it there but it's a long way from the part of the country that we know.

So my knitting and quilting have spent most of the week hidden away while we pretend to be very tidy people who have no hobbies.

I did finish my Quilt Sampler mittens. They fit well and I'm pleased with how they came out. These are in fingering weight yarn.  I think the white is Cherry Tree Hill sock and the red is Plymouth Happy Feet.
I was wondering about trying to sew a polar fleece lining for them, for extra warmth.  But they fit fairly closely so I don't know if it would work or not.

I was working on cutting out the applique for my Hawaiian Quilt.  I'm about two thirds through the cutting and the new Karen Buckley scissors are working really well.  However, I've just realised that I didn't fold the fabric right sides together like I should have done, so my applique isn't ready to fold out gracefully into position.  I will have to open it all out and then try to coax it into position on my white background.

I have used up some of the oldest fabric in my stash.  This was some yardage featuring scenes from the Bayeux Tapestry that I bought in 1982 on my first visit to the UK, before I was even a quilter.  I've kept it all these years.  But I needed some 'artwork' for the blank wall in the living room and we couldn't find anything to buy that we liked.  So I bought an artist's stretched canvas and had a root around in my fabric collection.  It was really really difficult to cut into this ancient stash, but I'm pleased with the picture and it looks good in the living room.

While we were driving on the motorway to Essex, I was stitching down the binding on one of the quilts I quilted on the frame earlier this year.  I have about five quilts that need the binding hand stitched, a lot of stitching!

Do you want to see my 'show' bedroom?

It never used to look like this.  I can't believe I'm in the right house some days.  It's a lot easier to hoover now that there's hardly any furniture.

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swooze said...

Good luck with the sale. Sounds like you'll do well.

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