Sunday, 16 June 2013

Waiting for the main event

Everything's ready now so we're in a bit of limbo waiting for the house to go on the market next weekend.  The particulars are prepared and approved, the house was cleaned and decluttered within an inch of its life for the internet photos, and I've instructed a solicitor AND spent over four hours filling out all the legal forms for the sale.  All's we need now is a buyer.

So I've got a bit more time for hobbies now because there's not much to do except keep the house and garden tidy.

I've worked on The Noble Cowl in luscious DK yarn from the Mean Girls Yarn Club, which has an attractive shield lace pattern.

I've worked on the Allotrope Hat which has a simple cable pattern. This is in New Lanark DK.

I'm working on the Morioka square for the GAAA.

I even dug out the long-hibernating Twice Doomed Tee to try to figure out a pattern for the sleeve.  My math skills weren't up to altering the modified raglan sleeve, so I did it the old-fashioned way by trying the unfinished garment on and making a toile out of cloth.  Then I could use the body of the tshirt as a giant swatch to calculate how many stitches to cast on and what kind of increases I needed to do to the underarm.  After that I went with the pattern shaping until the sleeve was finished, then basted it to the body and tried it on again.  It needed to be a bit taller so I added a few more rows and I think it will work now.  I'm partway through the second sleeve. The original pattern is the Yoke Pleat Top by Debbie Bliss and the yarn is Twinkle Cruise.

The biggest thing I tackled this week was to lay out my Hawaiian quilt over two tables at guild meeting, and pin out the applique and start the basting.  This all took about five hours and I've only completed one quarter of the basting properly.  I hurriedly basted down the main stems of the rest of the pattern before I put everything away for the day, so that I can work on the rest of it over a smaller table at home.  My guild members think I am mad to tackle something so big, they may be right.

Being weak of will, I succumbed to large glossy advertorials in two of my dollshouse magazines for the new 1/12th firescreen embroidery kits from Janet Granger.  I bought the lovely Flowers and Vine pattern which will go into my Georgian roombox a) when it is done one day, and b) when the roombox one day gets unpacked in our new house.

We had a final househunting exploration expedition today (Sunday), probably the last one until we have a buyer.  We looked at a lovely Edwardian villa near Rushden which I immediately nicknamed 'the dollshouse'.

It had wraparound gardens, plus some outbuildings, and felt very private.  Unfortunately it needs some updating inside:  a new kitchen, new ensuite, and cosmetic decoration in several rooms.  So probably not for us as we wouldn't have the budget for that.

After that we drove around the area near Wellingborough where the house I liked last weekend is located, and also went into Wellingborough itself.  All still looks fine to us, not perfect but no dealbreakers.  Then we drove up to Kettering to look at another Edwardian villa which I thought was a long shot judging by the internet pictures.  For both these houses we felt the internet photos were really misleading, and it turned out that we actually liked the Kettering house a lot. It felt really liveable and homely.  It's not perfect, it doesn't tick all the boxes on our wish list:  the garden isn't that big so the neighbours are close, the sewing room area is only 8'10" wide even though it is fairly long, there isn't really anywhere for my knitting machines to go.  But there's a great room for my dollshouses and it had loads of character and original features while still provided with modern bathrooms and an adequate kitchen.

So we have a shortlist of two, but whether they will still be available or not once we get a buyer is a big question mark.  Fingers crossed.

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Daisy said...

Fingers crossed!

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