Saturday, 29 June 2013

We've had viewings!

Yes, people have actually come to look at the house.  It was a slow start, only one viewing during the first week, but then we had our Open Day which attracted four more viewings.  One of the viewers liked it so much that she brought her husband back to see it the same evening which is promising.

Without wanting to seem like I'm having my cake and eating it too, I have to confess that I am getting fairly bored at home.  Plus we are running out of money so I think it's time to go back to work. It's the usual Catch-22, if you're at home not earning, then you don't have any money to do anything or go anywhere.  It's good that I've been available for the first few weeks of viewings but I think I need to get a short contract to tide us over the selling process until the move, whenever that will be.

I spent most of the week knitting on an Icelandic top down cardigan, after signing up for the Craftsy course with Ragga Eiriksdottir when it was on sale.  The class is basically like a tutored KAL.  The original cardigan is in Lettlopi but as I read several comments about that being scratchy, and I'm quite sensitive to scratchy yarn, I am knitting mine in Drops Nepal which is a wool/alpaca mix.  I'm getting gauge by dropping down a few needle sizes. Ragga is lovely and good at explaining things, but the camera work is not great.  There's a long lesson early on where she talks about various examples of Icelandic knitting while she sort of pats them on the table in front of her, but very frustratingly she never holds them up and there are almost no overhead shots, so you can't see what she's talking about.  After reading some comments about her steek method not catching the coloured yarns, I skipped ahead and watched that lesson.  I can see why as she only crochets along both edges of a one-stitch steek so doesn't catch any coloured yarns in the crochet chain..  Perhaps in Lettlopi the contrast yarns just cling obligingly until you cover them with the facing ribbon on the reverse.  But a couple of people raised this issue in the comments section and Ragga hasn't answered them properly, so I think I might catch my coloured threads down with a short bit of machine stitching..

Anyway, I knit mine down as far as the armholes, after adding in an extra 12 rows because I had read several comments on Ravelry about the armholes being really tight so I kept checking the fit.  The front looked good, but the back has far too much fullness and the sleeves are huge.  There were a few comments on Ravelry about the final two increase rows being too close together, which explains why it won't lie flat, but basically I don't think I need the final two increase rows at all.  I've now pulled back the knitting right back to the colour section, and I am reknitting it and leaving out the final two increase rows to see if that fits better.

Early this week I also finished my Allotrope Hat, using up some New Lanark DK wool.  I knit the woman's size, which is two full chart repeats, and found it came out too big.  I had to severely truncate the crown decrease rows as the hat was already too deep.  The end result is still a fairly loose fit as the cable pattern is so stretchy, but it's wearable.

And I sewed the binding onto my Teacup Quilt, so it's done now.  I'm going to keep this one, it's cute.

I'm now sewing the binding onto my vintage string star quilt, which is the final quilt waiting for binding.  After that I can start appliquing my Hawaiian quilt.

Before the bank statement came, I treated myself to a visit to our local Kempton Park antiques fair.  This is a really big fair which attracts dealers from all over, and yet we've almost never been because it's always on a Tuesday when we are at work.  I had an enjoyable couple of hours wandering around the outdoor and indoor stalls.  I think you could buy almost anything there, from replacement doors to costume jewellery.  But I only saw a couple of poor quality quilt tops, and only a couple of not very interesting dollshouses.

But I did find this, and I got it for almost half price.

It was on the stand of a French dealer, and he didn't want to have to put it back on the truck because he said little bits kept breaking off.  I saw it early on, then waited until I was about to leave before heading back to negotiate which I think helped as people were already starting to pack up. It does need a good clean, some replacement chimneys and some more of the railway plastic people.  I assume it was perhaps railway scenery for some French rail buff, but I just loved how French it was and all the detail.  Some of the shops have interiors, you can see into the restaurant where there are more tables etc.  And no, I don't know what I am going to do with it but hopefully in the new house there will be a nice ledge or bookshelf for it to sit on.


Mairead Hardy said...

I love the colours on your Icelandic sweater. It will be wonderful when it is finished, and good luck witht he steeking! I also love your little French street - so cute!

Daisy said...

I'd just emailed to ask if you'd had any viewings, then realised I hadn't checked your blog since lasts week! Duh... Oooh exciting news anyway. And I love the French street thing!

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