Saturday, 13 July 2013

Welcome to Cairo

I can remember being in Egypt some decades ago, and trying to sightsee in 35 degree Celsius temperatures. It felt like the sun was beating down on my head almost with physical blows.

Well, according to the thermometer in DH's car, it's gone up to 35 degrees here now, west of London, which is ridiculous.  It's only a few weeks since I finally took the woolly hat out of my backpack, the one I was still wearing occasionally in June because it was so grey and cool.

Luckily today I was tucked up in a relatively cool church hall through the worst of the day, with my quilting guild.  I finally started the applique on my Hawaiian quilt.  I've done a fair bit of needleturn applique in the past but it's always been on separate blocks that I will be assembling later.  Trying to do needleturn applique on a double size wholecloth quilt is a different animal altogether, and it wasn't going very well for the first little while.  I started on some of the straighter stems and bigger leaves, and there are some odd lumps and bumps that I may have to back and unpick and amend in future.  In five hours of stitching I only completed part of one quadrant, so it's going to be a long haul.  But by the end of the day, it was going more smoothly.  To keep my left hand finger underneath the stitching, I'm having to grasp the applique by pushing my left thumb up through the quilt top, instead of being able to use my left thumb freely the way I am used to. It's awkward but so far I've avoided stitching the top to itself. It's also a change to be sweeping under a 3/16th inch seam allowance instead of just 1/8th of an inch.

Apart from my big finish on the Mystery Shawl (see last post), this week I've been knitting on my top down Icelandic Cardigan, which I'm still not sure is fitting me correctly plus it looks like I am going to run out of yarn.  I've done several more rows on the latchhook rug kit, and also done several rows on another long time UFO which is a 1/12th scale dollshouse bellpull petit point.  I used to be able to do petit point by naked eye, now I am having to borrow DH's magnifying visor which he uses for modelling.  I've done a little bit on my Noble Cowl in shield lace worsted, and also turned the heel on my lacy socks.

I'm conscious that the living room is becoming littered with my pastimes and I can't let it get too untidy in case we get a viewing.  We didn't have anyone come all this week, but we've now got a booking for next week so fingers crossed.  Very frustrating to be all ready to move but no one is actually coming to look at our house.  I'm not that impressed with the performance of our estate agents, so I think we might switch to a different one when their contract expires, or add a second agent.

Our rose bush is dressed to impress, hopefully it will still be in bloom for the next viewing.  Since I took these photos, these flowers have opened up to the size of my hand, and are really stunning.  I hope I wrote down somewhere what type of roses these are, so we could buy one again for the next house.

Hope you are staying cool where you are!

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