Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank holiday weekend

It's a three day bank holiday weekend here in the UK, and the cool rainy weather is encouraging the feeling that summer is drawing to a close.  The fact that I have to go back to work at the beginning of September is really reminding me of the end of school summer holidays in my youth.

Yesterday DH and I took advantage of a special train fare to have a day trip to Bournemouth, a large seaside resort in Dorset.  It was cold and raining when we set out, and I was really wondering if it were all going to be a disaster.  But by the time we got to Bournemouth and were walking along an almost deserted beach, it was warm enough to paddle (although I still had my fingerless mitts and fleece jacket on).  By the afternoon, after we had enjoyed a great sushi lunch and visited a historic museum/art gallery, the sun was out and thousands of people had popped out of the woodwork to crowd the beaches.  We paddled our way back along the edge of the waves and then walked up through the attractive Lower Gardens, before making our way back to the train station to come home.  It felt like a mini holiday, very relaxing.

The museum was the fantastic Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum and I've posted a few pictures on my Willowcrest blog here.

It's been a fairly quiet week.  The buyers had their survey on our house: a taciturn gimlet-eyed professional spent an hour poking into every nook and cranny, opening every single window and door and kitchen cupboard, and making me put the heating on to prove that it worked.  Hopefully the results will be satisfactory and nothing to make the buyers concerned.

I'm still going on the treadmill almost every morning.  I haven't lost any weight but I've got one of those scales that tells you what percentage of your body is fat.  According to that, my percentage of fat has dropped by 10% so hopefully that's a real result and not just the scale glitching out.  I've also been feeling more energetic.  I'm still playing Skyrim, muddling my way through the various quests and somehow managing to stay sufficiently alive.

On the crafts front this week, I got my Hawaiian applique quilt back out of the closet and did a bunch more stitching on it.  I was feeling like I'd done a lot, and spread it out upside down to see where I had stitched.  Sadly it's not even halfway yet.  Probably more like a fat third of the way.  I'm enjoying it though, I do like needleturn applique as a process, it's the faffing about getting the applique ready which I find tedious and that step is already all done.

I've had to pause on the King Cole Opium cardigan because I am definitely going to run out of yarn.  I've finished the second ball out of three and I'm only partway up the first front.  I've ordered some more balls which hopefully are going to be a sufficient colour match with the stuff I bought in Turkey to be usable.

On the long train ride to Bournemouth, I managed to sort out my Featherduster shawl and reinstate all the stitch markers after ripping out the bind off and putting it back on the needles earlier.  I started knitting another repeat to make it a bit longer.  I've done a bit of knitting on my second lacy sock, knit a few more inches on the yoke of my Harvest Moon cardigan, and got the charts set up on my iPad for the next square I am knitting for the Great American Aran Afghan.

M-i-l was here for a visit on the weekend.  I was knitting on the Opium cardigan, got bored and swapped to knitting on my Shaelyn shawl.  M-i-l observed this with wide eyes and asked with surprise if I were knitting on more than one project?  It's hard to know what to say to that, I just joked that I must have about eight projects on the go and then changed the subject quickly, guiltily aware of the big bag of knitting projects hidden behind where I was sitting on the sofa.  In my own defense, I do finish almost all of them eventually (let's not talk about the pink cabled disaster shoved in the bottom which is so old that I can't remember the name of the pattern...)

On the dollshouse front, my enabler in France, Anita, sent me a link to an online dollshouse fair (can't insert the link as the fair has now closed).  I succumbed to a few of the roundtable kits at great prices, some laser cut coffee table kits, and some printie accessorised shelf kits.  Let's hope they all get here ok without being stopped for Customs.

Hope you've all had a nice summer and are ready for it to be September.


swooze said...

So why not frog this cabled disaster and find a new project for the yarn or restash it. There goes that guilt. My boyfriend os just now catching onto the fact that I have 11 sewing machines. He knows that I want to rehome some but has heard me mention acquiring more. I probably, maybe, won't. Poor English....I know.

Inspector poking about...what is the delay in the house buying process? Waiting for one in the chain to get a buyer? I think that is what I recall. Do you get updates or are you left wondering?

Beginning of September and back to work. If you do move house will that house be closer to this job? I hope so. I have commuting!

Congrats on the healthy living. Keep it up. Starch is NOT your friend!

Good hearing from you. I did check the blog a few times yesterday wondering why you hadn't posted. Must be the holiday.


Daisy said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

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